Yotta Infrastructure to invest 900 cr over four years to set up 100 Edge DCs

image credit: Yotta Infrastructure

Yotta Infrastructure said that will invest ₹900 crore over three-four years to set up 100 Edge datacentres.

“ We will start with 8-10 cities with each facility costing about ₹8-10 crore for basic infrastructure,” Sunil Gupta, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Yotta Infrastructure Solutions, told BusinessLine.

“Investments will go up by 4-5 times, if you add the high-end services like analytics and IoT,” added Gupta.

According to BusinessLine, in the first phase, the firm is looking at 25 small cities like Nagpur, Coimbatore, Ranchi and Jaipur.

The firm has Tier IV facility in Navi Mumbai and have upcoming facilities in Greater Noida, Chennai and Kolkata.

Edge datacentre help content providers and organisations to compute the data near the source rather than hosting it hundreds of miles away.

“For the user, it helps in accessing the data much faster. We have created two models. In the first model, we can set up an Edge datacentre in an existing building. The second model would be a greenfield one in the form of a container,” Gupta said.

Unlike the hyperscale datacentres, which house thousands of racks, Edge datacentres house just about 10-20 racks – all in a space of about 4,000 square feet.

The firm, one of the largest home-grown datacentre companies, is in discussions with content providers and other OEMs to roll out the boutique datacentres. “We are roping in anchor users for the centres. We are in talks with a public sector company to access their countrywide network,” added Gupta.

He further explained that it is important to centralise the production of various ‘moving parts’ like cabling. “You produce them at a centralised location and ship them to various locations. An Edge datacentre is a different animal. You need a completely new model to set them up.”

India’s data centre industry is expected to double capacity by 2023, on the back of increased digitalisation, rising cloud adoption and ambitious growth plans of operators.

According to JLL’s ‘H1 2021 India Data Center Market Update’, the acceleration of digitalisation has forced enterprises to scale up their IT infrastructure. As a result of digital upgrades, strong demand for colocation or cloud facilities, across India.

Anuradha Nagar

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