Why Malaysia is a Strong Contender for Being the Digital Hub in the ASEAN Region

Malaysia aims to become the digital hub of Southeast Asia with an emphasis on the advancement of connectivity, satellite broadband, digital infrastructure for buildings, 5G ecosystems, and smart automation.

Due to its strategic location in the middle of Southeast Asia, Malaysia has one of the most dynamic economies there as well as a strong national government, good connectivity, and stable economic conditions.

Aside from its strategic location, it has been a wonderful destination for multinational tech companies due to the tech-savvy workforce, and IT infrastructure—making it one of the most digitally linked societies in the world.



The country is home to many enormous corporations, including IBM, HP, Intel, Google, Amazon, and Cisco; and it is important to note that Malaysia aspires to become the preferred location for high-tech investment by 2025.

The Malaysian agencies like Malaysia Digital Economy Corp. (MDEC), therefore has taken a number of initiatives to achieve that goal. Their initiatives are component of their objectives to make Malaysia a high-income, digitally-driven country and a regional leader in the digital economy.

According to Mahadhir Aziz, CEO of MDEC, of in his speech during the Malaysia Cloud and Data Center Convention 2022, they seek to catalyze the growth of the digital capabilities and capacities of Malaysia to ensure the nation establishes itself as the digital hub of ASEAN.

Moreover, he also emphasized how Malaysian businesses have adopted cloud. Due to Malaysia’s growing regional importance as a business hub, more companies are making investments in cloud computing, which is increasing the demand for local data centers.

The main forces driving data center services includes increased emphasis on business digitization, government expansion of digital policies and definitely the growing demand for cloud services.

“It is important to continue to see the cloud, to ensure there is an overall ecosystem. This is the dimension of digital in that we seek to catalyze the growth of the digital capabilities and capacities of Malaysia to ensure the nation establishes itself as the digital hub of ASEAN, or some, as we call it, in the heart of utilizing by our various Malaysia digital catalytic programs that will continue to spur innovation and accelerate advancements.” said Aziz.

He also emphasized that events like the Cloud and Data Center Convention would be extremely important for them to craft up new policies, for them to influence the people in the industry and how this event will serve as the place to make things happen, especially along the lines of these ongoing advancements.

The recent event Malaysia Cloud and Data Center Convention 2022 let the best minds across regional industries to engage in fruitful and effective conversations and discussions. Undoubtedly, it was attended by approximately a thousand people from the industry. Hence, the number itself already speaks of the potential of Malaysia to be the Digital Hub in the ASEAN Region.


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