South Asia Awards Digital Summit

Tue, 27th July 2021, 10.15am – 2.50pm (GMT +5.30)
Registration Closed

South Asia Awards Summit 2021 (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh)

Collating the best of the best throughout South Asia’s  Cloud and Datacenter professionals. The most prestigious Award throughout the APAC region. Judges of the most distinguished caliber will be presenting individuals at the top of their game, with the honored W.Media Award.

Categories to include: Best Datacenter project, Best IT & Cloud Projects and Outstanding Individuals.

Event Brief

1) South Asia  data center market is witnessing exponential growth due to the pandemic which is forcing BFSI, Logistics, E – Commerce, and digitization by the public sector to innovate and demand for colocation service and several global data center service providers are inclining towards the region.

2) The South Asia region is also experiencing increased investments in Edge Data Centers along with procurement of renewable energy and cooling technologies followed by adoption of hyperconverged infrastructure.

3) Hyperscalers are Data Centers which will have the ability to scale rapidly – supporting large numbers of racks with colocation of cloud hosts, like 400-500 racks in a single location which can then scale upto 10,000 and upwards.

4) the development of sustainable and trusted data center infrastructure in one of the fastest-growing economic corridors in the world. The development of sustainable data centers is not only a challenge but a priority too considering that the South Asian Countries are now facing adverse climate change impacts with constant floods, cyclones, and draughts a common occurrence every year.

The progress for the technology market in South Asia is immense but with growth comes a list of challenges too.

As a tech enthusiast In order to make sure you are well versed with these updates has created the largest platform for South Asian tech enthusiasts to join together and get insights from the top experts from across the world along with celebrating these developments through W.Media awards.

Welcome to W.Media’s South Asia Cloud and Data Center Awards Digital Summit on the 27th of July, 2021. 

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Our Conference Agenda:

Time (IST)Topics
10:15 AMWelcome Address by the W.Media Team: –
10:20 AMPower Panel Session: – Building hyperscale data centers to meet South Asia’s digital economy demands.
Today South Asia needs hyperscale data centers that have the ability to scale in huge multiples as demand increases due to the rise of digital adoption and disruptions. This session will bring together senior representatives from colocation providers to discuss how their businesses have adapted and will continue to evolve in the face of unrelenting technological, operational, efficiency and business change needs.
Moderator: –<./b>
Mukesh Jain, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Capgemini
Panelists: –
Rahul Dhar, Country Director – Data Centers, Microsoft
Ramaiy Kapoor, Head of Investment & Commercials – Data Centre Group, CapitaLand India
Johnson Tan, Managing Director – APAC, Yondr Group
Kapil Makhija, Head – Technology Cloud Business, Oracle India
11:15 AMPower Panel Session: – The innovation and trends in power and cooling technologies for the hyperscale data center era.
The dawn of the decade has seen data centers consume more power due to which densities are rising. This panel session will empower the decision makers who plan, build and operate to make better decisions to facilitate their data centers to meet demands at scale by sharing trends and best practices with regards to: –
A) Power – Innovation in power efficiency, modular distribution and automation to control & monitor
B) Growth and trends in cooling to manage impact – future of liquid immersion, CRAC, CVC, Direct to chip cooling, Liquid cooling
Moderator: –
NK Singh, Founder & CEO, Data Center Guru
Panelists: –
Rao Srinivasa, Director – Data Centres, ANJ Group
Yogesh Kumar, Head of IT & Business Applications and CISO, Tata Advanced Systems Limited
Soumya Prasad Garnaik, Executive Director, Energy Efficiency Services Limited – Ministry of Power, Gov of India
Mohammad Solaimun Rasel, Head of platform planning & management department, VP – IT Division, Robi Axiata Limited
12:10 PMPower Panel Session: – How data center hyperscale automation can provide organizations the edge.
In a time when automation is accelerating, data center customers & vendors have the opportunity to use automation for generating savings and increasing profit margins for a data center. The industrial automation market is growing and will continue to grow due to rising demand for data oriented services, cloud applications, IOT and data storage. This panel session will discuss in detail about all the strategies, use cases and trends in data center automation from monitoring, maintenance, scheduling and application delivery.
Moderator: –
Sandip Pol, Sr. Manager – IT & IS Advisor, Osource Global Pvt Ltd & Member – ISACA Mumbai Chapter
Panelists: –
Balram Choudhary, VP, Head – IT & ISO, Bank of Baroda Financial Solution Limited
Krishnamurthy Rajesh, Head – Information Technology, ICRA Limited
Ravi Kalla, Head – IT & Process Automation, Anthem Biosciences Private Limited
Gopi Thangavel, Vice President, Reliance Industries
01:05 PMPower Panel Session: – Building renewable energy data centers to tackle community and climate challenges.
Data Centers power the internet but they also empower the community where they are based where data centers are creating more opportunities for the locals. This panel session will discuss about how data center can meet requirements through: –
A) Creating efficiency by design & focusing on requirements.
B) Prioritizing water usage and increase use of renewable energy
C) Sourcing energy responsibly by meeting local requirements
D) Circular thinking for materials, equipment and e-waste
E) Using machine learning for expanding sustainability
Moderator: –
Sabarinathan Sampath, Chief Strategy Officer, Drive19
Panelists: –
Dr. Chandrasekhar Panda, Senior Director – Digital and Core Tech Strategy, McKinsey&Company
R.N Mohanty, President – Technology, Pidilite Industries Limited
Ashish Rakheja, Managing Partner, AEON consultants
Srivats Kumar, Partner & Investment Manager, Facebook
02:00 PMFire Side Chat: – The Importance of IXP innovation for South Asia.
Building a successful IXP is not just a technical engineering job – time and effort needs to be invested in developing trust, common understanding and mutual agreements in the local community. With South Asia being one of world’s largest and cost effective markets IXP innovation is the need of the hour. This panel session will discuss the latest trends and innovations happening in the IXP for the South Asian economy.
Moderator: –
Venkatesh Ganesh, Deputy Editor, W.Media
Panelists: –
Raunak Maheshwari, Director, Extreme Labs India
Harsha Ram, Head – Network Business, Sify Technologies
02:35 PM Special Address: – The future of Data Centers in India – Trends, Driving factors and requirements to reach the next stage.
India surely has the capability to be a Data Center powerhouse. Multiple companies are investing in India but there are a set of challenges so this session will have a look at the trends, factors which are helping in growth of the Data Center market and the elements that India needs to have for being a future leader in Asia.
Speaker: –
Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Executive Chairman & Founder, 5F World
02:50 PMEnd of India Track.

Our Speakers:

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