Philippines Cloud & Data Center Industry: Moving Into 2022

As a country the Philippines is a market that cannot be ignored for it’s potential and the evident success of it’s already dominant cloud companies.

As a result, the Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and Datacenter landscape are all intensifying with new entrants keen to establish their foothold in the market. Market optimism is at an all-time high, a signal that the Cloud ecosystem is on the precipice of accelerated growth.

Notably there is evidence to back this optimism. The rising middle-class coupled with a local internet population of close to 70 million users indicates lasting growth in the Cloud sector. Individuals in the Philippines spend an average of 10 hours online (Source: Hootsuite, and WeareSocial Digital 2019 report), topping the global average. The pivot towards high speed connectivity promises to maximize this usage gap.

And with the Philippines’ economic growth rate of 6.8%, overtakes China’s growth rate of 6.7% as of 2019 (Source : Government of the Philippines), the economy could be a driving factor.

With the country expected to start recovering moving into 2022, how will this shape the already growing market? Will the re-opening of other sectors shift the focus of the economy? Or will the evident success of the Cloud & Data Centre Industry encourage further investment?

Want to know the answers to these questions and more? In this webinar session, we will be reflecting on how the PH Datacenter market has shifted in the past 18 months and what the future will look like in terms of investment trends, growth drivers, risks, and opportunities.

Southeast Asia Team

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