NTT to Build New Data Center in Japan’s Kansai Region

NTT, a leading technology services company, has announced that it will invest about 40 billion yen ($267 million) through NTT Global Data Centers (NTT GDC), in order to construct the new Keihanna Data Center in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

The Kansai region in the Osaka Prefecture is a rapidly growing market for data center businesses, second only to the Tokyo metropolitan area, which is the largest in the Asia-Pacific region.

As corporate Digital Transformation continues to grow, there is a significant need from local, national, and international businesses to supply a wide range of services such as developing secondary centers and Disaster Recovery center bases to support sustainable management, as well as increasing bases for IoT and software development verification.



The market size in the Kansai region is anticipated to increase to approximately 500MW in power capacity by 2026 as a result of these growing demands. And in order to meet these demands, NTT GDC will establish the Data Center in Kyoto Prefecture, and NTT Com will offer the services related to the data center.

In the second half of the fiscal year 2025, NTTCommunications (NTTCom) intends to begin offering services

Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN), a network and information processing infrastructure that includes terminals that can deliver blazing-fast, high-capacity communications and colossal computing resources, is being developed by NTT Group.

While accelerating this research, NTT and NTT Com will use the data center as the hub for delivering IOWN-based commercial services in the future.

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