NetApp to add Extra Vroom to Ducati

NetApp, a global cloud-led, data-centric software company, announced the extension of its partnership with the Ducati Corse motorcycle racing team at the completion of the 2021 MotoGP World Championship race in Valencia, Spain.

For the next two years, NetApp will continue to help advance Ducati’s performance in the MotoGP World Championship, the world’s most prestigious motorcycle racing competition.

The collaboration between Ducati (part of the Volkswagen Group), through its Ducati Corse division, and NetApp began in 2018 in a bid to maximise the use of data to improve performance within the world of racing, the company said.

They further added that NetApp and Ducati are expanding their work together in order to accelerate digital transformation by optimising 3D product design in complex development projects by implementing a new virtual desktop environment, allowing engineers to collaborate efficiently all over the world. As a part of this improvement, engineers and developers can securely leverage and archive any project data, using the rich functionalities of NetApp StorageGRID object storage.

Automating the racing team’s data workflow before, during and after the race. Engineers can support their team’s success remotely and on-site to maximise the power of information.

Supporting the overall evolution of the information technology strategy through collaboration between Ducati and the Professional Services teams at NetApp.

“Leading a winning team requires exploring new ways to succeed and finding any edge to beat the competition. Our partnership and momentum with Ducati Corse are thriving and the team secured three of the top five placements in world standings this year. We are proud to support the ongoing digital transformation of Ducati into a winning, data-driven company,” said Cesar Cernuda, President, NetApp.

“We are delighted to build on the collaboration with NetApp, which has developed well over the past four years. We look forward to working together to continue to optimise our performance with the limitless possibilities that the power of data can bring to the motorbike racing world,” said Luigi Dall’Igna, General Manager, Ducati Corse.

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