KT Completes South Korea’s First UAM-Dedicated 5G Network

5G Network for UAM (Photo Source: KT)

KT, a South Korean telecommunications provider, has completed the country’s first 5G wireless network dedicated to Urban Air Mobility (UAM) wherein the first phase of Korea’s K-UAM Grand Challenge demonstration project will also be supported by the installed network.

KT is the first local mobile carrier to successfully establish the network for UAM vehicles and the Goheung Aviation Center in Jeollanam-do. It is surrounded by corridors and vertiports that KT wants to supply with the communications services needed for UAM operations.

KT Corp. engineers have also tested a 5G aerial communications network for their urban air mobility (UAM) project at an airport in Goheung county, which is on the southern coast of the country. The aviation network is expected to offer consistent 5G service at the UAM operating altitude of 300–600m due to the application of KT’s network slicing and optimal 3D coverage technologies.



With the use of 3D coverage design technology, 5G network coverage will also be improved. The design was optimized by simulating the beam pattern in the three-dimensional UAM operational domain, as opposed to ground coverage optimization used on a dwelling.

Moreover, with the use of this design technology, the UAM runs without any coverage or interference gaps. By distinguishing between devoted and general traffic, it also ensures the quality of communication services.

The reliable operation of UAM depends on the reliability of control and command data transmission. Even with a heavy network load, the KT-built air network ensures high-quality data transmission.

By conducting test flights and working with businesses, KT intends to amass the best air network profiles, designs, and operational know-how. Furthermore, by integrating satellite communication and quantum cryptography communication technologies into the UAM-only aviation network, KT intends to considerably improve the security and dependability of communication services necessary for UAM operation in the upcoming year.

This advancement by KT is related to South Korea’s Digital Initiative, which has faced significant setbacks in recent times. The country’s latest challenge has been in its debate over the Chip 4 Alliance, and its approach to the issue remains to be seen. 

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