Interconnectivity in APAC: Optimising for a Globalised Digital Economy

This session, “Interconnectivity in APAC: Optimising for a Globalised Digital Economy” will answer questions about how interconnected platforms are at the center of Singapore’s digital transformation and are driving cross-industry growth throughout the APAC region. Over the course of 1 hour, we will hear from industry experts, engage in take a deeper look into how you can maximise the effectiveness of your multi cloud environments and ensure you are utilising the most cutting-edge solutions for your business.

Expert speakers:

Basil Stratos, Ecosystem Partner Manager APAC, Console Connect by PCCW Global

James Alfred, AVP, Singapore & Oceania, PCCW Global

Edward Tay, CEO, Sistema Asia Capital

Jae Lee, VP of Engineering, Quincus

John Lee, Founder and CEO, Infracrowd Capital

Southeast Asia Team

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