ESR to Build US$1B Data Center and Logistics Facility in Nagasaki Integrated Resort

NIKI Chyau Fwu (Parkview) Group, one of three candidates to develop an integrate resort in Nagasaki, Japan, has announced an external partner it says will build a US$1 billion data and logistics center in the region should NIKI’s bid prove successful.

Just days after the company added 10 local partners to its Nagasaki IR consortium, NIKI revealed its latest agreement with ESR, a logistics platform listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2019. According to NIKI, should it win selection by Nagasaki and Japan’s central government to develop an IR in Sasebo City, ESR would build the data center nearby with the goal of creating “new economy infrastructure” for the prefecture.

Stuart Gibson, co-founder and Co-CEO of ESR, said, “The NIKI IR concept as well as the consortium team they have brought together is truly the best in class.

“The development would create recreational, hospitality and cultural venues, making it a world class destination for global tourism. This would be a perfect fit with our operations, and we would commit to create a 21st century infrastructure center in the vicinity of their property should they get the license.”

NIKI spokesperson Etsuko Oishi added, “We are focused on creating a world class IR that contributes to revitalizing the local economy and brings long term benefits to the community. Bringing world leaders like ESR to invest in the region next to us is an example as to what impact our investment would have beyond the IR for the region. We are delighted to help drive these major collateral benefits.”

Venkatesh Ganesh

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