Digital Week South Asia- India 2021

Wed, 28th April 2021, 10am – 4.30pm (GMT +5.30)
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The combined compounding rate of the digital market in India is higher than that of the Asia Pacific region. With this we can say that India is the future for Data Center & Cloud for Asia & for tech organizations who have or are yet to enter this diversified market.

As a tech enthusiast In order to make sure you are well versed with these updates has created the largest platform for South Asian tech enthusiasts to join together and get insights from the top experts from across the world.

Welcome to W.Media’s Digital Week  – India edition starting from the 28th of April covering India & also other countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka from 29th April.

The tech developments happening in India: –

  • Research and Markets forecast that India’s data center market would achieve a value of $4billion by 2024.
  • Research studies done during the last 5 years indicate that Indian businesses are willing to spend over 36% of their IT costs on public cloud services due to its business flexibility and low costs
  • Researches have further predicted that by 2027, over 900 million Indians will have a digital presence and coupling it with the unscrupulous use of personal data and information by service providers, it is vital to implement stringent cybersecurity laws and technology.
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Our Conference Agenda:

10:00 AMWelcome Address By W.Media
10:05 AMPower Panel Session
How the Indian Data Center market will look by 2025 – Challenges & Outlook
The data center growth in India is currently exceeding the annual growth rate of American and European data center market. There are yet many cloud computing companies who have not yet made their entry in India, so this says that the data center market in India is bright. However the question is how do we reach there and what would the data center market in India by 2025 look like.
Moderator: –
Jabez Tan, Head of Research, Structure Research
Panelists: –
Pankaj Agrawal, Partner, Capitel
Alex Perkins, Chief Development Officer, Stratus DC
Kamal Nath, CEO, Sify Technologies
Darren Hawkins, CEO & Founder, SPACE DC
Sanjay Bhutani, Senior Vice President , AdaniConnneX
10:45 AMKeynote Address from the Gov of India
5G and Edge – India’s next trillion dollar opportunity
India’s next trillion dollar digital opportunity is 5G and Edge computing. Currently 5G & Edge are thought to be trends to benefit connectivity for mobile technologies. However it is more than that, 5G and Edge is the technology that can change the way enterprises in India can operate mission critical functions with zero latency data processing, efficiency and computing power. This keynote will deliver insights on how 5G and Edge can affect technology investments as well industry infrastructure, manufacturing units, smart cities and harbors, automation, government and public infrastructure.
Speaker: –
Atul Bist, Senior Assistant Vice President, Invest India
11:00 AMPower Panel Session
What is driving demand of data centers in India – Internal or outsourcing
The data center growth in India is expected to grow by 4% during the 2019- 2015 cycle. While business in India is adopting hybrid cloud systems at a growing rate. The main question is whether internal growth in business or outsourcing of IT systems in India is growing the demand for data centers.
Moderator: –
NK Singh, Founder & CEO, Data Center Guru
Panelists: –
Vinod Nair, Service Head of Data Centre Ops, HDFC Ergo
Dhaval Pandya, Corporate CIO, Piramal Enterprises Limited
Suppan Saravanamuthu, Director of Operations – APAC, Iron Mountain Data Centers
11:40 AM Presentation Session
Data Center Of The Future
Today’s world are complex, uncertain and data center is the heard to drive all the digitation across the world. This need a holistic approach when we look out for Data Center Design not only looking at our current requirement but how it will be sustainable in the future. Schneider Electric’s Data center of the future vision has four vectors: Sustainability to meet business needs responsibly; Efficiency to optimize cost, speed, space, and capital; Adaptability to be designed for new technologies; and Resiliency to reduce vulnerability to unplanned downtime. Please attend our session to know more about it.
Speaker: –
Ankesh Kumar, GM – Marketing, Schneider Electric
11:50 AMPresentation Session
Optimizing floor space
Floor space usage in the data center is an important consideration, whether planning a retrofit or a greenfield build. With the ever-growing demands for computing power, more data centers are beginning to become capacity constrained. Floor space can be full, whilst, ironically, compute capacity is under-utilized, a phenomenon caused by a fragmented, siloed approach to the procurement of new capacity, often sized for peak loads. How can we improve the utilization of available floor space, optimize the floor space for maximum output and overcome the challenges of over-procurement and increased operational management? Watch us answer this question and more.
Speaker: –
Sanjay Motwani, Business Head, Legrand Data Center Solutions
12:00 PMPower Panel Session
Cloud Computing priorities & outlook for new decade
The IT environments for organizations in India are becoming more complex with multiple public clouds, private clouds, and traditional systems needing to be interconnected, integrated, and collectively managed. Most of Indian organizations are clustered around early stages of cloud maturity and find it challenging to move ahead in the adoption curve. As Indian organizations move towards a cloud-first strategy, enterprises will now have to decide on the cloud priorities and how they see the use of cloud for challenges of the next decade.
Moderator: –
Gaurav Khera, Director – Digital and Technology Advisor, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Panelists: –
Mohit Kapoor, Group CTO, Mahindra Group
Mayuresh Purandare, Head – IT Infra & Cyber Sec, Marico Ltd
Rohit Chatter, CTO, Inmobi
Dave McCrory, VP of Growth, Global Head of Insights & Analytics, Digital Realty
Manish Gaur, Head of IT, Patanjali Ayurved
12:45 PM 12:45 PM Power Panel Session
Accelerating Data Center sustainability to the forefront with new age power & cooling Technologies
In the dynamic, fast-paced data center industry, a passion for change is essential. Enhanced data center cooling system reliability, with best-in-class cooling control technology is now demand of the hour and this session will share insights on recent trends, mechanisms and how to overcome challenges.
Moderator: –
Venkatesh G, Deputy Editor,
Panelists: –
Kevin Kant, CEO, Critical Facilities Efficiency Solutions
Marcel Jacobs, Managing Director, Circl8
N.K.Jain, Founder, N.K. Jain Consulting Engineers
Sudhanshu Datt, Sector Lead – DC & Mission Critical Infra, AECOM
Venkataraman Swaminathan, VP & Country GM Secure Power Division INDIA & SAARC, Schneider Electric
01:30 PMNetworking Break
02:00 PMPower Panel Session
How digital transformation in the right way can refresh your business
If your organization is busier than ever “digitizing,” you’re not alone. Digital efforts have been proliferating for years as companies strive to catch up with technological innovation. However, this accelerated wave must not be confused with the real business transformation needed for success in the digital age. The former is mostly about enabling business as usual and “staying in the game,” while the latter is about building real, long-term competitive advantage to succeed and that’s what this session is all about.
Moderator: –
Shalil Gupta, Chief Business Officer, Mosaic Digital
Panelists: –
Eric Vas, President – Electric Vehicles, Bajaj Auto Ltd
Anindya Karmakar, Head – Digital Transformation, Aditya Birla Capital
Rajat Teotia, CTO, Junglee Games
Ankur Arora, Director & Head – Digital & Innovation, Sodexo India
Arvind Sekar, Lead- Partner Sales Engineer, Freshworks
02:40 PMPower Panel Session
Creating a highly efficient Data center for the future with 5G, Edge Computing and Next gen Infrastructure Management
In a hyper connected world no enterprise would like to use a Data Center with efficiency & infrastructure issues. The demand is growing for an enterprise Data Center which can push network and data center processing to the edge. This session will discuss how organizations can overcome Data Center Infrastructure, efficiency issues in a hyper connected world where speed is the new demand with the help of next gen Infrastructure & technology so that Data Center & Operation heads can stay ahead in the race.
Moderator: –
Mahesh Trivedi, SVP, NTT
Panelists: –
Kamlesh Harchandani, Head – DC Designs and Development, CapitaLand
Vikram Tiwathia, Deputy Director General, COAI
Sanjay Bhutani, Senior Vice President , AdaniConnneX
Manish Israni, EVP & CIO, Yotta Infrastructure
Sreejith G, AVP – Data Center Operations, STT GDC
03:20 PMPower Panel Session
Dealing with cloud migration challenges
Cloud migration can be an extremely daunting task for enterprises especially with vendor lock – in issues, migration of critical workloads or legacy applications. This session will bring together experts to discuss their experiences and how they went about successfully migrating their business applications from on-prem to cloud, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.
Moderator: –
Arun Gupta, Technology Advisor, Shalby Hospitals
Panelists: –
Shobhana Lele, CIO, The Bombay Dyeing Manufacturing Company Limited
Atanu Pramanic, CIO, Hindalco Industries
Arivuvel Ramu, CTO, Tonik Bank
Ajay Meher, Group CIO, Ampersand Group
04:00 PMDialogue Session
How cloud will decide the future of India’s banking & financial sector for 2021
The earlier reluctance to move core activities to the cloud has softened. Many banks are putting strategies in place to migrate their core services such as consumer payments, credit scoring, wealth management, and risk analysis to the cloud. However the role of cloud in enhancing the financial services sector is not over yet. Join us for our dialogue session and learn the future of cloud for India’s BFSI sector.
Moderator: –
Sanjeev Assudani, Senior Architect – Cloud, Wipro Limited
Panelists: –
Anil Sinha, CTO, Early Salary
Pinkes Ambvat, CIO & IT Director, CRIF India
04:30 PM Closing Remarks

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