5G Technology to Drive Market Growth for Data Center Infrastructure Management: P&S Intelligence

The Data Center Infrastructure Management Market has experienced a growth of-late. The requirement for gaining end-to-end visibility for forecasting capacity management requirements, actions for improving the uptime of the data center, energy efficiency, growing demand for sustainability and a low carbon footprint, and increasing count of hyperscale data centers are responsible for the growth of the industry, according to P&S Intelligence, a provider of market research and consulting services.

Future market share leaders will be those in asset management. The complexity of the systems is growing every day, making IT asset management more challenging.

Numerous small businesses employ traditional techniques to locate IT assets, such as paper, pens, and spreadsheets. However, such approaches are unable to keep up with the quickening expansion of IT infrastructure. On average, 15% errors might be expected using these traditional procedures. DCIM solutions’ asset management features are useful for tracking and managing the organization’s systems in a more convenient and automated manner.

As a result of lockdowns, the pandemic initially had a negative effect on the construction of data centers because workers were returning home. However, as businesses transitioned to an online working style, the demand for DCIM solutions started to grow.

By 2030, the on-premises DCIM bifurcation will generate more income because they have a significant impact on companies. It is possible to monitor data on power usage, infrastructure availability, airflow temperature, humidity, and other aspects of the data center processes. To prevent the loss of important data and money, all of these indicators must be continuously checked.

In the upcoming years, the APAC area is anticipated to grow at the fastest rate. The use of advanced digital technologies like the IOT and machine learning is growing in China, Japan, and India; the governments of these nations are making significant investments in the development of data centers. And the Indian government is encouraging investments in order to make India a hub for data centers on a global scale.

Data will be able to travel between sites more easily thanks to 5G connectivity. With over 100,000 connections per square kilometer, it is anticipated that this new communication technology would significantly support machine-to-machine networking.

Moreover, it is anticipated that 5G would be crucial in the transformation of normal cities into smart cities. As a result, the global market for data center infrastructure management is evolving toward an increased deployment of 5G.

As 5G technology is being deployed more widely and many businesses are shifting more toward remote work, As a result, there will be a greater need in the future for data center infrastructure management solutions.

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