World’s Highest Cloud Data Center Launches in Tibet

Ningsuan Technology Group, a Tibet-headquartered company, has launched the world’s largest cloud computing center in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet’s autonomous region (China).

According to reports, 491 systems from departments at various levels of the region are presently receiving cloud services from the facility, which has a capacity for 3,000 racks.

Due to its location in Tibet’s Himalayan mountains, which is billed as “the world’s highest data center,” the overall project is said to encompass an area of 645,000 square meters (7 million square feet) and, when completed, will have numerous structures totaling 400,000 square meters (4.3 million sq ft).

The project’s execution started in 2017 and a contract for the provision of cloud services based on a high-mountain data center was struck between the Chinese juggernaut Alibaba and Ningsuan in 2018. Although the first stage of the data center’s construction was finished in 2020, its practical functioning has only recently started.

The Tibetan data center is a component of the massive Chinese Belt and Road program, whose aim is to build data center networks and land and sea telecom backbones to connect 70 countries in Southeast Asia and Europe.

Moreover, the Tibetan Rights Collective is concerned that local residents’ private information may be gathered through the site for law enforcement purposes.

According to local media reports, it represents an advancement in big data integration and application sharing as the first such center at the regional level.

Furthermore, the Chinese Communist Party has claimed that this will support the growth of digital services related to public policy, economic progress, social governance, human well-being, market supervision, finance, border prosperity, environmental protection, emergency fire control, and cultural tourism.


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