World’s First Commercial Offshore Wind-Plus-Solar Project Launches in China

Commercial offshore wind-plus-solar project in the waters of China. Source: Ocean Sun

State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), a China’s government-owned company, has announced it had commissioned the project in the waters off China which they consider as the world’s first commercial offshore floating solar array partnered with an offshore wind turbine.

The facility is situated in Shandong Province, eastern China, off the coast of Haiyang. It will evaluate the technology’s practicality in a region vulnerable to typhoons by using two floating solar power arrays connected to a transformer on a moored offshore wind turbine. 

Ocean Sun, a Norway-based renewable energy semiconductor manufacturer, provided the floating solar power technology for the project. A total of 0.5 MW may be produced at its highest by the two solar panels. Power is sent from the location to the onshore power system through a subsea cable once the solar floaters are linked to the wind turbine operated by SPIC.



The project is entirely funded by SPIC, and Ocean Sun, which inked a contract in July to supply its technology, described the setup as its first “truly offshore installation.”

According to Børge Bjørneklett, CEO and founder of Ocean Sun, this initiative represents a significant turning point for Ocean Sun and the floating solar industry. The successful project built with the help of the Ocean Sun solution and supported by SPIC demonstrates how international development will help reach the shared objective of lowering greenhouse CO2 emissions.

Bjørneklett stated earlier this year that up to 42 GW of floating solar installations might be installed in Shandong Province over the course of the following few years, with Ocean Sun competing for some of those projects. He noted that dangerous typhoons frequently pass through these waterways, and that everyone engaged is aware of the dangers. Ocean Sun will use the knowledge gained from this exposed site to enhance their product.

For Ocean Sun, this initial project’s “successful implementation” could serve as a template for hybrid offshore power plants, enhancing generation efficiency by mixing wind and solar energy and lowering the levelized cost of electricity. According to the company, if the pilot is a success, there are plans to erect a 20-MW floating wind-solar farm using Ocean Sun’s technology the following year.

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