UAE is Expected to Draw More Data Center Investments, with a Focus on Sustainability

Khazna Data Centers, one of the Middle East’s largest data center operators located in Abu Dhabi, anticipates that the UAE will become the top location for the data center industry globally.

According to Hassan Alnaqbi, chief executive of Khazna Data Centers, the government’s investment and backing, together with the adoption of important technologies like the cloud, big data, and the Internet of Things, are what are propelling the Emirates’ data center industry, which is already among the largest in the region.

He claimed that because they facilitate e-commerce, cloud computing, remote work, and also drive the global economy, data centers have grown to be one of the most valuable resources in the world.

Hence, the UAE will witness more investments in data center infrastructure as businesses become more aware of the need to manage data and information effectively and affordably due to the enormous volumes of data generated constantly.

Because of the rise of young customers who are interested in technology and the region’s changing digital landscape, many international technology companies are choosing to locate in GCC countries, particularly the UAE.

Companies that operate data centers have played a significant role in assisting economies to stay up with the continuously changing digital landscape.

Additionally, telecom companies in the UAE have already made investments in data centers and in order to help the UAE’s technological push, a number of major global technology companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle, have also gone there to establish data centers.

“The demand for data centers is growing exponentially, driven by high levels of technology adoption, the rollout of 5G, the localization of data and the growth of internet-based companies,” said Alnaqbi.

Data centers enable businesses to scale up their operations digitally, however since this is an energy-intensive sector, it is important to evaluate how they will affect the environment. Alnaqbi said.

With a total capacity of 300 megawatts by the end of 2023, Khazna now runs 12 data centers throughout the UAE. Data centers become one of the biggest per capita consumers of electricity as they assist businesses in meeting rising consumer demand. Thus, the requirement of the hour is sustainability.

“As important as environmental sustainability is to the industry and to regulators, business sustainability is critical as well. Data centers and regulators will have to work together to create measurable goals, support initiatives and track progress towards objectives.” said Alnaqbi.

Khazna did not provide information on the amount it intends to invest in its expansion, but it did state that it is getting ready to expand into other areas outside of the UAE, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and Indonesia.

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