Smart DC Design Basics 101 – ‘The 7 Keys To Success’©

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Smart DC Design Basics 101 – ‘The 7 Keys To Success’©

Smart DC Design Basics 101 – ‘The 7 Keys To Success’©

Smart design basics for your Data Center: there are some fundamentals that need to be addressed when designing your data center. I call it DC Design Basics 101. A number of mistakes are made and design elements overlooked by not initially addressing the fundamentals at a high level. In this article we will identify ‘The 7 Keys To Success’©  and ‘The 4 Utilities’©.

When I was involved in DC design work, there was an overriding push to get down to the finer details at the beginning. This often led to overlooking key fundamentals. This may be obvious to a lot of readers, however, you would be surprised at just what is missed. As a result, I came up with ‘The 7 Keys To Success’© and ‘The 4 Utilities’© to address this problem. A simple formula to build upon and not be forgotten. When it is put in front of a committee or planning body, it becomes obvious and at the front of everyone’s minds.

The following does not discuss or include physical location, policy, processes, procedures, availability and capacity planning, incident or change management, environmental monitoring, security, business alignment, BIA’s, tier levels, global standards and so forth. The intent here is to cover the physical infrastructure elements only from one viewpoint that does not necessarily obtain the attention it requires when viewed from an ongoing management perspective.

Data Center design needs to be smart and it needs to be viable for the long term, 30 years down the track, without having to outlay millions of dollars in retrofits.

Before we proceed, and I know people will point out about power if I do not give it a brief mention here, I will stress that the computing power consumption is the key to fit out of the entire facility.

  • Important to get this correct at the start of the scoping process
  • You must understand the day’s end load

“A life expectancy of 30 years is achievable instead of say, 12 years”

Let’s have a look at the ‘The 7 Keys To Success’© first.

By following these keys, you will build the shell of the data center and ensure the infrastructure is in place to grow and is sized for days to come, not sized for day one. Fit out the computing hall in stages, helping provide longevity to the DC increasing the ROI and reducing the TCO.

Detailed breakdown of each of these ‘Keys’ can be done another day. Just reiterating here, the intent is to identify the keys at a high level.

“Physical Infrastructure Needs To Grow With The Business”

‘The 7 Keys To Success’© state that the Infrastructure Design Must Be:

Ensure that Plant and Equipment selections are made using ‘The 7 Keys To Success’©

  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Business Value Adds
  • Standards: Global / Australian / European, etc
  • Fit For Purpose
  • Design
  • Best Of Breed

‘The 4 Utilities’©

‘The 4 Utilities’© addresses the following components as we look at how the floor space within the data center (main hall or computing room) is laid out. How we design the power requirements to deliver enough power to cater for growing and expanding systems. The ability to be able to effectively cool all types of environments and by using a smart design approach to deliver network and data services.

And of course, ‘The 7 Keys To Success’©, as for the design above, equally apply to the ‘The 4 Utilities’©.

Identifying the various ‘The 7 Keys To Success’©, and the ‘The 4 Utilities’© will ensure the best start possible at the initial conceptual phase of the data center design. Each key can then be sub-divided and addressed in full all the way down to the final specification ready for implementation.

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Spencer Denyer

Chief Editor, W.Media

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