Tata AIG Plans Go 90% On Cloud By December 2022

Today, multi-cloud strategy is proving to be the cornerstone of any organization leading digital transformation initiatives. TATA AIG is aiming to adopt cloud across all domains to be up-to-date with the world. While currently, around 65-70% of IT operations are on the cloud, it plans to increase this percentage to 90 by year-end. The plan behind this transition was to bring new customer-facing applications faster to the market and to provide elasticity without any disruption.

According to Dipak Nair,Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Tata AIG General Insurance ,

“Technology sustainable growth trajectory, which means that the technology and the demand for cutting-edge technological infrastructure is constantly increasing. This demand is also driving incremental growth in our infrastructure and digital workloads. Our technology strategy for all new applications to review is “first cloud microservices-based solutions,” which means cloud spread as a percentage of our overall workload is also on a growth trajectory.”


Tata AIG General Insurance started taking smaller steps towards cloud computing more than six years ago, it was in 2018 that the organization started moving workloads at scale,with more than 1.76 crore customers, and 7900 employees spread across 200 offices .

As the company has adopted a cloud-first approach, all new applications are hosted on cloud platforms. In fact, Tata AIG has not purchased any new servers for the past two years.Tata AIG’s decision to move to cloud systems was driven primarily by its goal of accelerating new customer applications and products to market, providing elasticity during peak sales cycles (festivals, end of month and year, etc.) without any disruptions, ubiquitous connectivity with all channels and use of the infrastructure on demand.


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