Discover power and cooling innovations keeping data centers alive

Power and cooling solutions for data centers are of critical importance to keep facilities and businesses online, especially as need the for data centers and greater data capacities continue to grow.

But running data centers are having worrying impacts on the environment by consuming approximately 1%-3% of the world’s electricity supply and pumping out 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

With social responsibilities to protect the environment and reduce energy costs rising, operators in Southeast Asia are exploring power and cooling solutions, including floating data centers, solar power and hybrid cooling.

That’s why the data center power market is set to exceed ~US$27 billion by 2024 and the value of data center cooling is expected to run past ~US$20 billion by 2024.

For our next digital event in our Data Center Series, you are invited to explore the latest sustainable designs and innovative power and cooling solutions to solve the pressing energy supply and environmental concerns.

Are you listening to your data center?

Metering and monitoring data center innovations are crucial for making sure facilities are up and running effectively and efficiently.

During a pre-show interview, we will be joined by Clinton Marshall, the Deputy Director for Solutions and Channel Development from our Platinum Sponsors at Legrand Data Center Solutions in Asia Pacific.

Mr. Marshall has vast experience in designing, consulting and implementing industry best-practice approaches to data center capacity, energy and infrastructure management.

“[Join me] to learn how power monitoring and measurement can be effectively used to meet demands, while simultaneously delivering an IT environment that is able to achieve evolving business, usage, regulatory, and financial goals,” said Mr. Marshall.

Mr. Marshall will also present a thought leadership presentation during the digital event.

Explore best practices and strategy for sustainable data centers

Many Governments around the world are implementing carbon neutrality regulations and green data center standards to improve efficiency and sustainability.

In our first panel session, we will be joined by Tamás Balogh, the Director of H1 systems, our Silver Sponsor.

Mr. Balogh is a data center infrastructure expert and consultant who has worked on several dozens of data center facility projects from scratch.

“I look forward to sharing our insights on how data centers can become more sustainable without compromising their SLA or budget,” said Mr. Balogh.

Mr. Balogh will also share information about H1 System’s recent prototype data center project in Europe as well as how the results from the project can be applied to more tropical environments in Asia Pacific.

“The current global crisis of COVID-19 and climate change crisis impacts our life significantly, and more and more directly,” added Mr. Balogh.

He identified that the ICT sector is making rapid changes to adapt to the situations similar to Governments, which impact the data center industry.

“Being prepared for sustainable data centers won’t be just an option in the future which makes present times very interesting,” said Mr. Balogh.

Mr. Balogh will be joined by Joshua Au, the Head for Data Centre and Information Technology Shared Services at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

As an expert and active member of the data center industry, Mr. Au will share how data centers can run with as little waste as possible, particularly considering that some facilities currently aste up to even 90% of the electricity they pull from the grid.

Discover power and cooling innovations keeping data centers alive

Data capacity demands are rising across the world, as more businesses are digitally transforming and Internet penetration is rising. This increases the need for higher power density and effective cooling in data centers.

With these rising demands, Southeast Asia’s cooling market is expected to grow to 926 million dollars by 2024 and the APAC power market is expected to grow by 8% annually.

To further explore the future trends and innovations in the data center power and cooling market, we will be joined by Mr. Marshall from Legrand Data Center Solutions and Wong Ka Vin, the Managing Director from DC1st, in our second panel session.

Mr. Marshall has gathered significant ‘real world’ customer insight and experience in developing best practice approaches to resolving challenges and reducing the complexity of day-to-day data center operations.

Mr. Wong brings with him over 30 years of executive management and leadership roles in the ICT industry and experience of designing and constructing data centers in Singapore and Indonesia.

Both panel sessions will be moderated by James Rix, the Associate Director of Arcadis UK, who is well versed in running data center projects across the whole data centre stack within 14 different countries around the world.

Register now to join your industry peers on Thursday 27 August to put these innovations under the microscope, as we strive for an efficient and environmentally friendly data center future.

Take a deep dive into the fast-growing cloud and data center industries in India!

The data center market in India is growing exponentially, as data consumption by half a billion digital users is reaching unprecedented levels and cloud adoption is surging.

Due to India’s directive for data localisation, moves have been made by AWS, Airtel, Equinix, Google, Jio in partnership with Microsoft Azure, Oracle and Yotta to satisfy the increasing data demands in the country.

With the India data center market forecasted value at a staggering US$3.2 billion by 2024, we will take a deep dive into one of the most exciting countries for data centers and the cloud during our India Cloud and Data Center Market Brief on Tuesday 18 August.

Explore the game-changing technologies boosting India’s digital economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought deep disruptions and unprecedented uncertainties across the world, leaving enterprises no choice but to quickly deploy digital tools to ensure business continuity and growth momentum.

As a result, there is no doubt the demand for data centers and cloud infrastructure will continue to increase in India, driven by surges in cloud adoption, digital transformation and social media usage, as well as new Industry 4.0 technologies like 5G, AI and the Internet of Things.

“This is benefiting the economy immensely since edge computing, AI, machine learning, automation and big data analytics have all transformed the digital landscape. Consequently, speed, safety, security and convenience are now part of the digital drive,” said Sreejith G, the Associate Vice President of ST Telemedia Global Data Centres India.

This disruption is benefiting the economy immensely since edge computing, AI, machine learning, automation and big data analytics have all transformed the digital landscape, added Sreejith. Consequently, speed, safety, security and convenience are now part of the digital drive.

Sreejith said: “The digital revolution is no longer futuristic – it’s happening now and India, with its rising digital appetite and infrastructure, is well poised to lead from the front!”

In our first session during the India Cloud and Data Center Market Brief, we will be joined by Sreejith to take a look at how we can leverage game-changing technologies to stay ahead of the disruption curve.

Does India have the reliable infrastructure to support their fast-growing digital economy?

More and more data centers are coming online in India to support its fast-growing digital economy, but without reliable designs and Internet connectivity, these advancements could be ineffective.

We will be joined by Dr. Sayed Peerzade, the Group Chief Information Officer at Reliance Entertainment, and Shankar Jadhav, the Managing Director of BSE Investments, to further explore India’s IT infrastructures and the Total Cost of Ownership for data centers in the country.

Dr. Peerzade is one of the top CIOs in India with more than 19 years of experience across ISPs, retail, banking, Internet and media.

Mr. Jadhav was recognised as one of the top 100 influential people in the BFSI sector for his contributions in IT and helping to set up the largest telecom network throughout India. 

Moderating the panel will be Bhushan Akerkar, the Chief Information Officer at Hindalco Industries. Mr. Akerkar has vast experience in software development as well as data center build and operations, making him the perfect person to lead the panel discussion.

Register now for free to discover how you can tap into India’s bright digital future at our India Cloud and Data Center Market Brief on Tuesday 18th August.

Is South Korea following the green data center trend?

The green data center and sustainable solutions market is rapidly growing, as governments crack down on the growing energy consumption and carbon emissions caused by data centers.

In South Korea, data center operators like IBM, EhostIDC, LG CNS and Naver have all invested in green data center solutions, including raised flooring, solar power and outside air cooling and liquid cooling.

The Korea Information Technology Service Industry Association also launched the Green Data Center Certificate in the country, with the goal of reducing energy consumption and having more than 15% of local data centers obtain the certificate. 

But South Korea is still the seventh largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world, and the twelfth largest emitter of total greenhouse gas emissions.

Meanwhile, data center providers are recycling waste heat for hyperscale facilities in Indonesia and exploring hydrogen-powered data centers in Singapore.

So, how does South Korea compare to the rest of Asia in implementing green data center technologies? Join industry experts on Thursday 13 August to discover the latest green data center solutions and how you can get involved in saving the environment!

Empowering efficient data centers in Korea

First up on our Green Data Center event, we will be joined by Chang Cho, a member of the Korea Data Center Council (KDCC) and Founder of Onion Technology, a leading DCIM solution provider in Korea.

As technical board member of Green Data Center Certificate, Mr. Cho will enlighten us on one of KDCC’s key activities to develop and operate Green Data Center Certification Programs to help improve data center energy efficiency and reduce national energy consumption.

Discover the global green data center trends

We will then be joined by Professor Wen Yonggang from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Professor Wen’s research interests include cloud computing, green data centers and machine learning.

Professor Wen will share a deep dive on the global green data center market and the artificial intelligence-based solutions that could solve the growing energy efficiency concerns.

Explore the state of green data centers in Asia Pacific

How does South Korea compare to other countries in Asia Pacific for implementing green data centers and the appetite for sustainable solutions in the region? And what is the future for the industry?

We will be joined by Jay Weon Khym, the Country Manager for Korea at Digital Realty who recently broke ground on their first data center in Korea. Digital Realty also recently partnered with the Science-Based Targets Initiative to bring emissions in-line with a “significantly below two-degree” climate change scenario by 2030.

Joining Mr. Khym will be Charles Lee, the Founder and Managing Director of OneAsia and Newtech Technology, providing all-rounded data center and facility management services. 

Newtech is committed to designing and constructing a new generation of data centers that minimise power consumption and carbon emissions, making Charles a perfect panellist to shed light on the state of green data centers in Asia.

To discover how you can be a part of Asia’s green data center future, sign up for our next W.Media event on Thursday 13 August!