Finland’s UpCloud opens new data centre in Sydney

Finnish cloud hosting company UpCloud has announced the opening of its new data centre in Sydney, Australia.

Named AU-SYD1, the facility marks UpCloud’s first data centre in Oceania. It is located in Equinix’s flagship Sydney data centre campus, SY5, which is Equinix’s largest data centre in Australia.

UpCloud CTO Joel Pihlajamaa explains that UpCloud’s proximity to Equinix’s SY5 means better latency and improved service offerings to businesses with clients in Australia and Oceania.

“We’ve had a large base of users from Australia and New Zealand using our Singapore data centre for a long time. Many of them asked us to expand our service offering to Australia,” said UpCloud CEO Antti Vilpponen on the company’s decision to establish a new facility in Australia.

“We also believe that Australian users will value a new cloud provider offering a more premium level of features, such as 100 percent uptime SLA, 24/7 technical support and personal approach,” he added.

The company launched three new data centres in New York, Madrid, and Warsaw last year. AU-SYD1 is their twelfth in the world. UpCloud also said that it hopes to launch more data centres in multiple new locations this year.

Australia’s data centre market continues to flourish

UpCloud’s forage into Sydney continues to illustrate the city’s status as one of the world’s largest data centre markets.

This week, several data centre players have made moves that would greatly contribute to Australia’s data centre ecosystem. Homegrown providers Fibre Expressway and Leading Edge Data Centres have unveiled plans to bring data centres to regional and rural areas in the country.

AU-SYD1 will be available from 31 March 2021.

Web hosting or Cloud hosting. Which is right for you?

Choosing the right place to host your website is crucial. It could mean the difference between a safe and secure website or a site that is down, damaging your brand’s reputation and even severe financial loss.

With the rising popularity of cloud-based solutions, more eyes are on cloud hosting as a solution.

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Unlike traditional web hosting methods of storing a website or app on a single data center server, cloud hosting spreads the data across multiple connected servers.

Cloud hosting is said to offer greater flexibility, security and speed in scalability as well as reliable uptime to keep your services live even if a server goes down.

Driven by the gaining momentum of cloud hosting, rapid internet penetration and digitalisation, the Southeast Asia web hosting market is expected to reach US$4.7 billion by 2025, with many startups and global giants like Google, AWS and Alibaba Cloud setting up in the region.

The demand for cloud hosting is likely to continue, particularly from large enterprises who cater to huge customer bases that process growing data loads and experience large traffic surges.

Hear from the man who sold his cloud hosting business for $30 million

During W.Media’s next Inside Asia flagship event, we will hear from Alvin Poh, a tech entrepreneur who sold his cloud hosting business Vodien Internet Solutions for US$30 million.

Mr. Poh will share his inspiring story of going from $0 all the way to Singapore’s number one cloud hosting provider with 35,000 clients and a team of 150 people.

We will also discover how data center operators can work effectively with cloud hosting providers to ensure a fantastic user experience for customers.

Find out how to select the best hosting solution for you

With a plethora of choices for hosting platforms, selecting the best one can be a difficult decision.

In our first panel session, we will be joined by Lionel Legros, the general manager for Asia Pacific at OVHcloud, and Hideaki Tsumita, the Country Manager for APAC and Japan at

Mr. Legros, with more than ten years of experience in the enterprise technology industry, will share his insights on the ever-changing hosting landscape and the strategies you should consider when choosing the best hosting platform for your business, particularly in a time when traditional brick and mortar organisations have been forced to go online during the pandemic.

With the fragmented nature of cloud hosting, consisting of public, private and hybrid cloud, Mr. Tsumita, an expert in enterprise cloud services, will enlighten us on the process of building a website on a cloud platform and getting the most value for your money.

Discover the best practices for migrating to the cloud

Web hosting migration is one of the most common scenarios in cloud migration, but if done incorrectly, this could expose your website to errors, security vulnerabilities and a lack of preparedness by staff.

In our second panel, we will explore how you can successfully and safely migrate to a cloud host with industry experts Faheem Iftikhar, Demand Generation Team Lead from UpCloud, and Jeffrey Tay, the VP for Global Strategic Market Development at SpaceDC.

With strong industry experience, Mr. Iftikhar will take us through how CTOs and CIOs can prepare a migration to the cloud and the solutions available to keep a website running during the transition.

“Join me to learn about the capabilities you need in order to assess your organisation’s cloud maturity and jump-start your migration. Discover the benefits of developing a cloud migration plan, and find out how to manage a successful migration,” said Mr. Iftikhar.

The digital infrastructures behind web hosting platforms are crucial to ensure your website remains live. Mr Tay, a 25-year veteran in the technology industry, will detail the importance of data centers for the hosting industry and how data center operators like SpaceDC can work successfully with hosting providers to deliver the best customer experience.

“I look forward to sharing insights on how big data has driven new patterns and behaviors of end users and businesses. It has created new challenges and opportunities for the cloud ecosystem,” said Mr. Tay.

Moderating both panels will be the esteemed May-Ann Lim, the Executive Director at Asia Cloud Computing Association. Ms. Lim has extensive experience in public policy, technology policy development, and government relations communications across Asia Pacific.

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