uCloudlink and NTT partner on cloud SIM development

Hong Kong-based mobile technology company uCloudlink has announced it will partner with NTT Group to launch DoRACOON, a new initiative that will pilot a commercial cloud SIM to power a stable mobile broadband access environment in Japan.

The initiative will see uCloudlink joining forces with NTT Media Supply, NTT Group’s tech development subsidiary, to provide a stable, cloud-based mobile broadband environment to public and private sectors in Japan.

The Cloud SIM is intended to allow users to obtain superior network connection quality, guaranteed high network speed, improved connectivity reliability and network capacity.

DoRACOON will leverage uCloudlink’s cloud SIM, its core patented technology, and Jetfon Smart-Fi devices jointly developed by uCloudlink and MAYA, a Wi-Fi and smartphone company.

The project is expected to bring greater connectivity to remote areas in Japan, and boost the development of businesses in the country. This is particularly important, as a Government report from November revealed the essential need for digitalisation of society for boosts in productivity and future economic growth in the ‘new normal’.

uCloudlink and NTT Group expect to provide a stable mobile broadband access environment across the country, even in areas where it is difficult to lay optic fiber.

In fact, DoRACOON was already on trial for business users in July this year, but it is expected to expand into other important sectors, including education, tourism, medical treatment, catering, and agriculture.

By Jie Yee Ong, Tech Reporter

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