U.K. cyber firm Bluedog to launch second security ops centre in the Philippines

The second security operations centre (SOC) will operate in Makati, a city in Manila, as Bluedog sees a growing demand for cybersecurity among local businesses who are suffering from phishing emails, attempted log-ins, and office network breach attempts, especially during lockdowns.

“We are aware that there are numerous small banks struggling with compliance, and hundreds of outsourcing firms which need to reassure overseas customers that they can meet international standards,” said Paul Lomax, co-founder of Bluedog Security Monitoring.

Twelve months to the opening of the new SOP, Bluedog will hire at least 20 new staff while maintaining its 30 workers at its first operations centres also based in Makati. Bluedog Training Academy will join the process to provide more local graduates with cyber skills to support the new operations.

Lomax added that the new SOP would make it gain steam in the race with the U.S. and Europe’s rivals as it makes security solutions accessible and affordable for more firms.

The distribution agreement with the local cybersecurity provider I.T. Security Distribution (ITSDI) will also help the company expand its customer base in the Philippines, while securing its current network in the U.K., Middle East, India, Singapore and Australia markets.

“We are pleased to offer Bluedog’s services in the Philippines and believe they could solve some key challenges for companies here,” said Luichi Robles, president of ITSDI. “Security concerns are greatest in the banking and financial services sector and Bluedog’s managed detection and response service offers an affordable solution.”

As working from home poses challenges for companies to monitor employees’ devices and allows more penetrators to take advantage of users’ negligence in downloading pirated software, Bluedog has been a pandemic winner. Its Microsoft 365 monitoring service has registered a marked number of new customers during lockdowns.

“The number of accounts we monitor is growing by around 20% per month,” Lomax stated. “The [Microsoft 365 monitoring] service—which can be activated remotely—effectively brings remote devices into the company’s network, allowing companies to detect risks ranging from suspicious account log-ins to phishing emails arriving in an employee’s inbox.”

Apart from Microsoft 365, managed detection and response (a 24-hour cybersecurity monitoring service), Azure monitoring, virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) service, Microsoft 365 endpoint detection and response, and vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) are also Bluedog’s offerings for firms.