Singapore University of Social Sciences moves to the cloud with Ellucian and Fujitsu Asia

Teaching the next generation of students in a digitally connected world is giving rise to the technological transformation of educational institutions, including the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) who has decided to move to the cloud with the help of Ellucian and Fujitsu Asia.

As the University continues to grow locally and regionally in Southeast Asia, SUSS will adopt Ellucian Banner Cloud, a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning solution designed for higher education.

“Our priority continues to deliver student-centered learning experiences that will empower our graduates to be purposeful global citizens and serve society,” said Gary Teo, the Director of Campus IT Services at Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Digital transformation is at the core of SUSS’ mission to deliver world-class student experiences and operational excellence.

“The cloud can serve as a force multiplier to achieve the goals of today’s educational institutions, improving institutional productivity while mitigating potential data risks from academic processes,” said Uno Motohiko, the President of Fujitsu Asia.

The Ellucian Banner Cloud enables SUSS to securely manage all human resources, finance, and student information processes as well as gaining stronger data-driven insights.

“We are thrilled to welcome SUSS as our first customer in Singapore and look forward to supporting their journey to the cloud,” said Darren Hunt, Ellucian’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director EMEA and APAC.

Before moving to the cloud, SUSS relied on homegrown, on-premise platforms, requiring significant administrative and IT overhead to maintain.

“Across the board, institutions are simply outgrowing their homegrown solutions,” said Ellucian President and CEO, Laura Ipsen.

To ensure a seamless transition, Fujitsu localised the Ellucian Banner Cloud solution to meet the needs of SUSS by integrating backend systems with local government agency services applications and implementing Application Managed Services by Fujitsu’s IT specialists in student management systems to relieve the University of the burden to manage the cloud solution.

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