ASM technologies and Lavelle Networks set up a new CoE for SD-WAN

ASM Technologies Ltd, a global Engineering Services provider, today announced that it was going to set up a new Centre of Excellence (CoE) for software-defined networking, in partnership with Lavelle Networks Inc., an India based enterprise networking company.

SD-WAN (Software-defined networking in a wide area network) simplifies the management and operation of a WAN (wide area network) by decoupling the networking hardware from its control mechanism. It makes hybrid infrastructure deployments easier to manage and therefore more common.

The explosive potential for SD-WAN in emerging economies and their massive public and private sector digital transformation initiatives have created the need for rapid innovation and agile software development on one of India’s leading SD-WAN software platforms – the Lavelle Networks’ ScaleAOn technology.

Towards this end, the new CoE aims to solve cutting edge networking technology problems to drive better and better results for application experience in a rapidly digitising customer landscape.

The companies are excited to announce that in their 11.0 (latest software release), the results of their collaboration have already gone to several production networks, and customers are happy to see the results in such a short time.

SD-WAN is the fastest-growing enterprise networking segment, with APAC having the highest CAGR, compared to the rest of the world. A report by Avant Communications, a leading IT decision-making platform, titled 2021 State of Disruption Report, recently concluded after surveying more than 500 US-based enterprise technology professionals, that nearly 60% of enterprises would significantly increase their SD-WAN usage this year.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Rabindra Srikantan, Managing Director, ASM Technologies Ltd., said, “We are extremely thrilled with the setting up this CoE in partnership with Lavelle Networks and are confident that it will unlock huge value for our customers going forward. Our longstanding relationship with Lavelle has given ASM deeper insights into the SD-WAN space and in knowing how Enterprises / OEMs are adopting to SD-WAN and Edge Computing.”

“The Center of Excellence at ASM Technologies has enabled us to look at emerging use cases and trends in the industry, and enhance our SD-WAN capabilities to cater to new business cases for the future. For instance, ASM Technologies is a key partner for us with regard to the work we are doing to address the networking needs of the Edge Computing environments.” – said Karthik Madhava, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, while commenting on the establishment of the Center of Excellence for Software-Defined Networking Technologies.


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When: 23-26 February 2021

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