Siemens South Korea signs cybersecurity deal with KPMG

Siemens South Korea has signed a technology research agreement with KPMG’s subsidiary company in the East Asian country, Samjong KPMG.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will see the strengthening of Samjong KPMG’s cybersecurity infrastructure. Both Siemens and Samjong KPMG will collaborate to exchange expertise and conduct joint research on different areas in cybersecurity. They include information protection, digital convergence, protection technology, and global compliance.

“As the era of the 4th industrial revolution is in full swing, the demand for security technologies for smart factories and production facilities is increasing,” commented Thomas Schmid, Head of Digital Industries at Siemens Korea.

“We look forward to generating a synergy effect by combining Siemens‘ IT-OT convergence knowledge and experience in the process industry and Samjong KPMG’s global consulting capabilities,” he added.

Established in 2013, Samjong KPMG’s cybersecurity team is the richest operation technology (OT) security team in South Korea. The team works with more than 207,000 KPMG professionals in over 153 countries to provide customers with cybersecurity solutions in South Korea.

“Based on the combination of Samjong KPMG‘s global consulting service know-how and Siemens Korea’s technology and experience, we will do our best to promote the successful OT-ICS (industrial control system) security business.” added Dae-Gil Jung, Head of Consulting Services in Samjong KPMG.


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When: 23-26 February 2021

Where: Online

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