phoenixNAP unveils plans to launch fully automated Bare Metal Cloud platform in Singapore

Organisations in Singapore relying on high level IT automation will soon have another opportunity to ensure agile scalability with phoenixNAP’s new Bare Metal Cloud platform.

The American-based global IT services provider announced the launch of their new non-virtualised, cloud-native physical server infrastructure which aims to deliver strong performance and improved cost-efficiency for DevOps-orientated companies.

The President of phoenixNAP, Ian McClarty, said: “Bare Metal Cloud strips away the virtualization layer to expose the raw power of bare metal, enabling businesses to take full control over their infrastructure all the while significantly reducing OpEx costs.”

The solution includes automated server provisioning and decommissioning procedures and integration with open source infrastructure management platforms. Similar to that of other open source solutions, phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud solution allows administrators to manage their infrastructure as code.

The upcoming Bare Metal Cloud platform has been designed with the latest hardware to support heavy computation with a 50Gbps per server instance capable network.

To handle data and processing needs that are growing globally, it is also engineered to support rendering of CGI, encode 4K video, launching gaming servers and analysing big data.

phoenixNAP announced on May 26 that the solution will initially be available in Phoenix and Ashburn, with plans to expand into Singapore and Amsterdam.

What is Bare Metal Cloud?

A bare metal cloud server is considered a subset of the Infrastructure-as-a-service category. It is essentially a cloud service where users rent physical server hardware.

The users are given sole access to the entire processing and networking power of this server, similar to a data center. 

This dedicated server allows users to run the systems and configure the hardware in any way they want by managing their own operating system on the server.

Which solution is best for your needs?

Competition in the data center and cloud space is mounting across Southeast Asia, as mainstays are accompanied by a long list of telcos and tech giants like DITO and FPT Telecom, Google, AWS, Huawei, Microsoft and Alibaba.

Whether you’re migrating to a different system or choosing one for the first time, this competition makes for an overwhelming amount of choices when selecting the best data center for your needs.

Should you choose one that’s closer or further away? Will it allow me to scale? Is it reliably powered?

We will answer all these questions and more at our ‘Data Center Selection & Migration in Asia Pacific’ digital event on Thursday 23 July.

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