PCCW launches Internet on-demand service on Console Connect

Hong Kong’s PCCW Global has announced the launch of a brand new Internet On-Demand (IO-D) service on its Console Connect platform.

The IO-D service uses Console Connect’s Software-Defined Interconnection technology to allow users to connect to major public cloud platforms, including Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and more.

“Console Connect is reimagining how customers experience popular and trusted network services. With Console Connect Internet On-Demand, we have put businesses in the driving seat with high-performance global Internet connectivity, giving them control over one of the world’s largest, fastest and best-connected networks,” said Michael Glynn, the Vice President of Digital Automated Innovation at PCCW Global.

The new service high-performance Internet access across the same global tier 1 IP network relied upon by the world’s largest content and hyperscale cloud providers, ISPs and MNOs. It is also capable of carrying more than 14 Tbps of web traffic with extensive global peering, a process where two or more networks on the internet connect and exchange traffic.

The new IO-D service also offers low latency, allowing Console Connect’s users to not only carry performance-sensitive data, but also meet the high-volume demands of sectors such as government, finance, and gaming.

This could add to the exciting future of the data center industry, as the Console Connect platform is already available in more than 400 data centers across 47 countries.

Data centers across Europe, Asia, and North America can now access the new IO-D service, while other locations and new features will be added in 2021.

By Jie Yee Ong, Tech Reporter

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