OpenSignal: Philippines and Thailand see most improvement in 5G experience

The Philippines and Thailand are two Southeast Asian markets that see the biggest improvement in terms of mobile experience with 5G. In terms of 4G/5G download speed, Thailand’s 5G is 13.4 times faster than that of 4G, whereas the Philippines’ is 10.1 times faster.

Mobile analytics company OpenSignal published its latest global 5G experience report, detailing the 5G development of emerging markets.

5G video experience in the Philippines saw a 40 percent improvement, ranking first. Thailand came in second place with a 29 percent improvement, ahead of Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK and Australia.

Image Credit: OpenSignal

Commenting on the survey, Ian Fogg, lead analyst at OpenSignal, said: ““For 5G to be relevant to mainstream mobile users, the latest mobile technology must offer an excellent and superior mobile network experience. In this analysis, we quantify just how good the 5G experience can be.”

The world’s fastest 5G is in South Korea

Meanwhile, with an average download speed of 354.4 Mbps, South Korea ranks first in the world in 5G speed. It is also the only country in the world with a download speed that exceeds 300 Mbps. This is followed by the UAE, Taiwan, and Saudi Arabia, with 292.2, 272.2, and 264.7 Mbps of download speed respectively.

Image Credit: OpenSignal

Next, in terms of 5G availability and reach, South Korea, Kuwait, and Hong Kong take the top three spots. 29.8 percent of smartphone users in Kuwait spend the highest proportion of time connected to an active 5G signal, and in South Korea and Hong Kong the number is 24.7 percent and 23.4 percent respectively.


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