Okta announces new AWS integration for Okta Identity Cloud

Okta has announced its identity verification software, Okta Identity Cloud, is now available on the AWS Marketplace.

The new integrations enable access with AWS Control Tower, providing a streamlined way to set up and govern a new, secure, multi-account AWS environment based on best practices established through AWS’s experience working with thousands of enterprises as they migrate to the cloud.

“As more businesses move a higher percentage of their application portfolio to the cloud, modernised identity and access management has become increasingly important,” said Dave McCann, the Vice President of Migration, Marketplace, and Control Services at AWS.

Identity platforms play a critical role in helping organisations securely and efficiently run their businesses in the cloud, enabling seamless access for employees while still maintaining visibility and control over sensitive data and information.

“By working together, we are ensuring that organizations have simplified access to our market-leading technologies that help them solve complex challenges, with better security and compliance,” said Frederic Kerrest, the Executive Vice Chairman, Chief Operating Officer, and Co-Founder of Okta.

Okta has been used by more than 9,400 organisations, including etBlue, Nordstrom, Slack, T-Mobile, Takeda, Teach for America,Twilio and Zoom

“Working with AWS and Okta helped us to deliver on our strategic technology initiatives to meet this goal. We look forward to tighter integrations and a more robust cooperation that ultimately makes it faster, easier, and more productive for us to digitally transform,” said Velchamy Sankarlingam, the President of Product and Engineering at Zoom.

By Jie Yee Ong, Tech Reporter

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