Mitsubishi to build 1,400 MW power plant in Thailand

Japan’s Mitsubishi Power has signed a 25-year, full turnkey contract with Thailand’s Hin Kong Power to construct a 1,400 MW power plant.

A subsidiary of Japan’s famous Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Power will provide two gas turbines for Kin Hong’s power plant, which is a natural gas-fired turbine combined cycle (GTCC) facility.

This agreement will be of immense benefit to Thailand. As an emerging tech market, the construction of power plants means more electricity generated, and more electricity means more capacity to power a wide array of technology solutions.

Kin Hong’s power plant will be built approximately 100 kilometres west of Thailand’s capital city Bangkok. As a GTCC facility, the power plant will generate the cleanest and most efficient source of energy among systems that use fossil fuels. 

The plant will also reuse excess gas from the turbines to drive the steam turbine, producing electricity in the process. So, compared to conventional coal-fired thermal power plants, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 70%, providing an annual reduction of seven million tonnes of CO2 from the 1,400 MW of generating capacity.

The power generated will then be sold directly to the state’s Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand.

Commercial operations of both gas turbines are projected to begin in March 2024 and January 2025 respectively. Mitsubishi Power will also provide maintenance support for the gas turbines for the next 25 years.

This is not the only time Mitsubishi Power has worked with Hin Kong Power’s parent company RATCH Group and Gulf Energy Development, two major independent power producers in Thailand. 

Including this project, Mitsubishi Power will have supplied a total of 22 gas turbines for the two companies, totalling over 15,000 MW of power generation capacity. The track record established between Mitsubishi Power and these two companies led to this current contract.

Thailand is one of few Southeast Asian nations that show strong growth potential in data center and cloud industries. In September, it was predicted that the cloud computing industry will create 24,000 new jobs in the country by 2024.

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NTT looks to the cloud to digitally transform businesses in Thailand

NTT has announced its business direction to deliver cloud services to help businesses in Thailand accelerate their digital transformation.

The global technology services provider will implement its Digital Solution, Managed Service, and Intelligent Cybersecurity as part of its key strategy to penetrate the Thailand market along with a new Client Experience Center to showcase their innovations from across the world.

“It’s now a crucial time for digital transformation and we see that technology is a crucial part to help businesses achieve the goal, differentiate themselves from competitors, and develop in-depth information to generate higher incomes and profits,” said Sutas Kongdumrongkiat, the CEO for NTT in Thailand.

NTT predicts the cloud market in Thailand shows high potential, as demand and growth continues in the country, giving the country the opportunity to leapfrog more mature economies due to improvements in connectivity and data center risk.

“We think from now on, the use of the cloud in Thailand will grow higher. And it is expected that the total market value of the cloud in Thailand will continue to grow,” added Mr. Kongdumrongkiat.

And NTT might be right as the Government approved a US$146.6 million state cloud, AWS has expanded their services in the country and cloud computing may generate more than 24,000 jobs in Thailand.

The solutions NTT will aim to provide Thailand with data center interconnectivity across the world through their SD-WAN solution, a cloud system to ensure stable and fast connections and a cybersecurity system to remain safe from cyberthreats and compliant in protecting data.

NTT’s new 393 square meter Client Experience Center located on 17th Floor, Column Tower in Bangkok will also showcase innovations, including advanced digital technology used in the Tour de France, a Robotic Process Automation system, and Realwear – the wearable voice operated Android computer.

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NTT looks to the cloud to digitally transform businesses in Thailand


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