Delhi govt earmarks $1.3 billion for cloud-based Health Information Management System

The Delhi government has proposed to work on a cloud-based Health Information Management System (HIMS) and digital health card for people.

A cloud-based health management system is an integration of cloud computing and health monitoring.

This will help in providing accurate health information anywhere at any point of time.

A digital health card will be issued to the residents of Delhi which will include details regarding the health condition of the person from past medical history to the details regarding their current medical issues along with the prescription and any other medical illness which could be a heredity illness. Deputy chief minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia, presented the annual budget for the fiscal year, wherein an outlay of $1.3 billion (Rs 9,934 crore) was earmarked for the healthcare sector, which is 14 per cent of the total budget.

All these details will be available in a database which could be accessible via the digital health card.

The next time someone needs to go to see a doctor they don’t need to carry all their files and medical reports. Everything will be accessible via their digital health card, Sisodia said.

There will be a database on HIMS with all records of the medicine tests and the medical history of the person.

In the first phase of implementing HIMS the Delhi government plans to focus on the government hospitals and local area clinics. This will help in tracking people with various health conditions, pointed out Sissodia.

HIMS will make the lives of people a lot easier in terms of their visits to the doctor.

According to a report in ET Government, the Delhi state government is also planning to include information regarding the public health care facilities, the availability of beds in government hospitals, the qualification of the doctor medicine in stores, amongst others, online.

The administration stated that while HIMS will keep a track and record of the person’s medical history the digital card will help in keeping their medical records and details in place, the report added.

Further, COVID-19 vaccination will be free of cost in government facilities for the citizens of Delhi, the government has allocated Rs 50 crore for the vaccination drive.



When: 28-30 April 2021

Where: Online

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