South Korea’s LOTTE Data Communication Company launches fourth global cloud data centre

South Korean conglomerate LOTTE Data Communication Company has announced the completion of its fourth cloud data centre in the country.

The Yongin Global Cloud Data Centre (“Yongin”) is located in the capital city area of Seoul, and is LOTTE Data Communication Company’s latest facility after data centres in metropolitan cities Gason and Daejeon.

The facility has a floor area of approximately 16,350 square metres and is 9 storeys tall.

Yongin is also a green data centre that features sustainable infrastructure, such as pre-cooling systems, containment systems, and eco-friendly air circulation, all of which will work to reduce the facility’s energy consumption by 25 percent.

Further, the green technology will also be applied to LOTTE Data Communication Company’s three existing data centres.

With the launch of Yongin, LOTTE Data Communication Company now provides a complete suite of tech and data-driven services to its clients: it now has three operational bases across South Korea, namely the Group Integration Centre in Gasan, Disaster Recovery Centre in Daejeon, and an SDDC-based Uninterrupted Service Realisation Centre in Yongin.

The company also plans to further establish a data hub for each base to support the country’s rapid digital transformation.