Legrand Data Center Solutions launches in India to address $404m market

Legrand India has announced the launch of Legrand Data Center Solutions in the country to address a market size of US$403.8 million (3000 crores).

The data center solutions provider will bring together a portfolio of global brands, including Legrand, Cablofil, Numeric, Raritan and Server Technology under a single specialist team.

“Data centers in India are growing at a very fast pace. We are witnessing a growth of about 8.5%,” said Tony Berland, the Managing Director and CEO of Legrand India.

Companies across India are accelerating their digital adoption, with unprecedented levels of data consumption and surging cloud uptake. 

Data centers are crucial in meeting these rising digital demands by hosting critical applications and performing crucial tasks, which consume a huge amount of energy.

“We felt it is time to demonstrate our focus and support the data center market in India and make it future-ready,” said Mr. Berland.

Legrand Data Center Solutions provide modular, scalable and customisable solutions that are designed for agility in hyperscale and micro data centers. They have provided solutions to global players, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Colt and Equinix. 

“We are not diversifying. We are bringing multiple brands under one umbrella in India,” said Sanjay Motwani, the Business Head at Legrand Data Center Solutions.

Legrand Data Center Solutions aims to become a preferred vendor of choice in three to five years’ time, as data localisation laws in India continue to increase the needs for data centers.

“With the government sharing the cause for data center infrastructure development, there is more and more reason to believe that Legrand Data Center Solutions will have a compelling growth story unfolding for itself,” said Mr. Motwani.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Legrand currently has an employee base of 6,000 in India with an ambition to expand to new frontiers and establish leadership. Today, data centers account for 10% of the Legrand Group turnover.

Earlier this month, property consultancy firm JLL revealed data center capacity will grow from 375 MW to 1,078 MW over the next five years due to increasing adoption of new technologies and impacting data localisation laws.

India’s data center market is poised for a bright future with more hyperscale and colocation data centers as long as the country commits to data localisation laws and harnesses the true power of cloud computing and Industry 4.0 technology like 5G, edge computing and the Internet of Things.

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What does the future hold for India’s data center market?

The need for data centers in India is growing exponentially, as data consumption by half a billion digital users is reaching unprecedented levels.

But how can you tap into this exciting market? And what is the best practice for data center operators and cloud service providers in the country?

Stay tuned for more fascinating webinars taking a deep dive into the data center and cloud markets in India!

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How to select the best data center for your needs?

From colocation and enterprise facilities, to hyperscales and edge data centers, the choices in Asia Pacific are growing exponentially. This makes for a challenging decision in selecting and migrating data centers.

You may be asking ‘Which type of data center is best suited to my needs?’, ‘Will my data be secure?’ or ‘Is it suitably connected to allow my business to scale and digitally transform?’

You can get the answers to these questions and more at our ‘Data Center Selection & Migration in Asia Pacific’ digital event on Thursday 23 July.

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Reliably powering your data center with Raritan

Having reliable power sources is paramount for any data center, as outages could lead to detrimental monetary loss and reputational damage.

Data centers have traditionally been built on the foundation of business continuity and more recently on security. But with more businesses going digital, agile and reliable data centers are needed to allow organisations to adapt to fast-changing environments.

“How data center players bring agility to the infrastructure layer and enable facilities to adapt to changing business requirements is the key to success,” said Sanjay Motwani, Vice President for Asia Pacific at Raritan, a brand of Legrand Data Center Solutions, our Platinum Sponsor for this event.

Raritan manufactures hardware, including power management solutions for data centers as well as remote server management and audio visual solutions.

Mr. Motwani will share his expert insights in selecting and identifying the best reliable and sustainable power solutions for your business.

Ensuring efficient data center management with TalariaX

The evaluation process serves as the foundation for your company’s virtual infrastructure when selecting a facility for the first time or migrating to a different data center. This decision will last a long time, so it is important to get it right.

Choosing how your data center is managed and the extent to which incident management is carried out is crucial. Supplementing these decisions with a robust notification system could mean the difference between costly downtime and no downtime.

“Data center selection needs to be comprehensive and not merely on cost or compute, but looking at the whole package,” said Jeat Shyan Wong, the Founder and CEO from our Bronze Sponsors at TalariaX.

TalariaX delivers efficient data center management through their DCIM and sendQuick services to provide alerts and notifications for any issues affecting critical parts of a data center.

Mr. Wong will provide more detail on the importance of data center management and strong notification platforms at our event this Thursday.

Selecting the best data center in Southeast Asia

Competition is mounting across Asia Pacific, as mainstays including AIMS, Keppel Data Centres and Equinix are accompanied by a long list of telcos like DITO and FPT Telecom and tech giants such as Google, AWS, Huawei, Microsoft and Alibaba in the data center scene.

With more data centers coming online, the choice can be overwhelming.

Our experts during the first panel session on 23 July will enlighten us on how to select the best data center for your needs as well as overcoming the challenges associated with this.

We will be joined by Jeffrey Tay, the Vice President of Global Strategic Market Development at SpaceDC. The Singapore-based data center provider recently achieved the recognition of being the first to achieve the OCP Ready™ certification for their JAK2 facility in Indonesia.

Mr. Tay will share his vast knowledge of delivering end-to-end solutions for data centers and bridging strategic solutions with partners and vendors to create a strong value proposition for the end customer.

Accompanying Mr. Tay will be Chan Kee Siak, the Founder and CEO of Exabytes Group, a web hosting company with more than 100,000 worldwide customers and one million users  in 121 countries.

Mr. Kee Siak is set to enlighten our audience on the importance of selecting data centers that are safe and secure.

Migrating your data center with ease

With more choice in the type of data centers available in the future, you may even consider migrating to a new operating environment to increase connectivity, enable growth or save costs.

But selecting the best data center to migrate to comes with concerns around strategy, planning and security.

To answer your data center migration questions, we will have Sanjay Motwani of Raritan to share his experiences on moving your data securely and strategically.

We will also be joined by Tran Viet Hoan, the Group CIO of THACO Group, one of the leading car manufacturers in Vietnam and an end-user of data centers to empower digital transformation.

Mr. Hoan will deliver his insights on successfully implementing project plans and management as a CIO.

If you’re looking to learn more about how to select the best data center for your business needs or migrate your data successfully, watch the show on demand now.