This Australian startup is bringing data centers to regional New South Wales

Australian company Leading Edge Data Centers (LEDC) is filling the connectivity gap in the country’s data center industry with a mass modular data center rollout.

The startup is currently embarking on a plan to establish Tier 3 data centers across regional New South Wales (NSW).

The company is set to launch a modular data center in NSW’s regional Newcastle in mid-March, followed by six more in Tamworth, Dubbo, Albury, Coffs Harbour, Wagga Wagga and Bathurst respectively before December.

This means that businesses in those regions will soon have access to the cloud and its range of services, enabling them to scale their operations more smoothly.

CEO Chris Thorpe says that his company has had the idea of a regional data center rollout for two years.

“We were watching the growth of cloud in the US and Europe, and here, and what was becoming very evident was all the focus in Australia was for that to be built in Sydney, or Melbourne,” Mr. Thorpe explained.

“That’s great, but if you live in regional Australia your access to the cloud is limited. There are issues around choice, connectivity isn’t very strong, and you have latency issues because of distance,” he continued.

Founded in 2018, LEDC aims to bridge the digital divide in Australia. The company received a $20 million funding from domestic investment firm Washington Soul Pattinson in 2020.

More data centers are expected to arrive in the states of Victoria and Queensland in 2022.