CDO Foodsphere cooks up digital transformation with Globe and AWS in the Philippines

As the trend towards cloud kitchens intensifies, CDO Foodsphere, one of the largest food enterprises in the Philippines, has worked with Globe Business and AWS to migrate the company’s warehouse management system from on-premise to cloud.

Prior to the migration, CDO Foodsphere was experiencing unexpected downtimes, which took longer than expected to restore.

“Our on-premise legacy system had become too tedious to maintain. A few days or even hours of downtime would have had a significant impact on the business,” said Ria Vidal, the Assistant Vice President of CDO Foodsphere.

Since migrating, there has been no application downtime and the business was able to reduce the time to resolve system incident reports from 150 days to a single day.

CDO Foodsphere reported a significant improvement in the performance and stability of the system amid the pandemic, a stark improvement from their experience in previous years.

“It was a good thing Globe came in to help us migrate our workloads to the Cloud, just before the pandemic otherwise it would have been more difficult to restore on-ground applications,” added Vidal.

Globe identified that aging hardware, performance issues, and scalability concerns are among the common challenges their customers face when dealing with applications developed in-house or stored on-premise.

“Add the complexities brought about by the pandemic – fixing systems on-ground becomes even more problematic,” said Peter Maquera, the Senior Vice President for Globe Business.

CDO Foodsphere’s migration is said to have paved the way for more digital transformation in Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service.

Globe said in a statement that it will continue to prioritise helping large corporations become cloud-first through their collaborations with AWS and Cascadeo.

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Globe 5G makes cloud gaming breakthrough in the Philippines

Globe Telecom has made a successful breakthrough in cloud gaming tests using its highly anticipated 5G mobile network.

In partnership with multi-cloud digital innovations company,, the tests explored the possibility of enabling gamers to play high-performance games without needing a console or high-powered computer.

“The continuous roll out of Globe 5G will not only change the way we play our favorite games, but this is also a leap to a lot of other possibilities that this technology can bring,” said Coco Domingo, Globe’s Vice President for Strategic Platforms and Partnerships.

Globe’s ultra fast 5G technology was married with cloud technology to successfully test BANDAI NAMCO’s Tekken 7 with substantially low latency and close to zero lag.

The qualities of zero lag and latency are highly sought after by players and cloud gaming providers, as any reduction in performance could lead to losing a game and a poor user experience.

Dr. Thomas King, the Chief Technology Officer at the global Internet Exchange operator, DE-CIX, said: “Considering the increasingly realistic looking graphics of current games, it is clear that enormous amounts of data have to be transported from the server to the output medium.”

When gaming takes place wholly in the cloud, it is essential that latency is kept to a minimum to ensure that services succeed with the user, especially when every millisecond counts, said Dr. King.

To achieve this, technologies like 5G and edge computing are adopted to make sure that data is processed and transported as closely to the gamers as possible.

Globe became the first mobile operator in Southeast Asia to introduce a commercially available 5G network with AirFiber in 2019 and introduced Globe 5G to customers in February 2020 with the launch of the first mobile device in The Philippines.

Earlier this year, Globe expanded their cloud portfolio with a US$4 million investment to acquire ‘substantially all assets’ of US-based premier AWS partner Cascadeo.

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Globe 5G makes cloud gaming breakthrough in the Philippines


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