China Mobile International opens data center in Frankfurt

China Mobile International (CMI) has opened a new data center facility in Frankfurt, Germany.

CMI’s second data center in Europe, the new Tier-III facility will connect with CMI’s data centers in the UK and Singapore, and its Global Network Center in Hong Kong.

CMI is a subsidiary of Chinese state-owned telecommunications provider China Mobile.

Dr. Li Feng, Chairman and CEO of CMI, said that the company’s decision to place its data center in Frankfurt, the financial hub of the European Union (EU), is informed by their goal to provide secure and reliable high-speed connectivity between Europe and Asia.

“Technology is now an intrinsic part of almost all aspects of our lives, so more data needs to be processed and stored. This in turn means greater demand for cloud and content delivery solutions,” he continued.

“CMI provides professional one-stop-shop services to help carrier and enterprise customers respond to and meet the needs of their users in a new era of digital globalisation,” Dr. Li added.

This new data center has more than 80 Cloud Connect points of presence (POPs), a nine-layer security control system, and supported by a dual power supply from two different power substations. Its cooling system runs on a chilled water storage facility, the company said.

Founded in 2008, China Mobile International currently has a presence in over 37 countries, and is involved in developing and offering next generation technologies including cloud, IT, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.