Malaysia’s GDEX selects Nutanix for cloud-powered digital transformation

Malaysian logistics company GD Express (GDEX) has selected Nutanix Hybrid Cloud to lead its e-commerce digital transformation.

GDEX will scale Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud Platform to keep up with Malaysia’s growing e-commerce industry, which is predicted to contribute US$41.05 billion (RM170 billion) to the post-pandemic economy this year.

“As Malaysia’s digital economy continues to advance, a new generation of digital consumers have emerged and driven the growth of E-commerce,” said Avinash Gowda, Malaysia Country Manager for Nutanix.

To date, GDEX has migrated its core applications for governing shipments to Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud Platform, and has since put in place three Nutanix Clusters, Nutanix’s hybrid cloud infrastructure.

“The logistics industry is fast changing, and the pandemic has made the business landscape even more challenging to navigate. As a customer-focused and technology-driven company, we partnered with Nutanix to ensure that we are always ready to adapt to changes in customer and market demands,” said Teong Teck Lean, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of GDEX.

Before adopting Nutanix, GDEX was already managing up to 180,000 consignments a day, which its legacy infrastructure could not support, especially with their vision to scale even more.

“We would not have achieved this success if we continued with our legacy infrastructure. The cost of scaling and management would have eaten into our margins, but with Nutanix, we are able to sustain and scale our operations to consistently meet customer and market demands,” said Charles Ong, Special Project Advisor at GDEX.

GDEX’s IT team will now be using Nutanix AOS and Nutanix Prism Pro, Nutanix’s enterprise management softwares, to manage server, storage and networking resources.

“E-commerce is both a great business opportunity and a great IT challenge for logistics companies such as ours. Nutanix’ platform is incredibly elastic, enabling us to scale quickly and efficiently, without compromising our service and costs,” added Mr. Ong.

Nutanix’ platform enabled GDEX to scale in minutes to accommodate large order spikes for key E-commerce events such as Singles Day, resulting in an approximately 100% increase in GDEX’ overall business revenues.

GDEX was established in 1997 in Malaysia to provide express delivery services for domestic and international markets. Today, GDEX operates a network of 425 stations, comprising 99 branches, 64 agents, 11 lodge-in centres and 251 reseller agencies across Malaysia and Singapore. It has a fleet of 1277 trucks and vans and over 4,500 employees across its operations.

By Jie Yee Ong, Tech Reporter

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