New Equinix Metal hardware is now available in five APAC data center hubs

Global data center company Equinix has announced that its new automated bare metal hardware for data centers, Equinix Metal, is now available in 18 global cities including five in APAC.

Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, and Sydney now have access to Equinix Metal to create new digital services with a DevOps-friendly system. This allows for seamless deployment across their hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Its integration with Equinix Fabric also means that by using Equinix Metal, businesses in APAC are able to connect to more than 10,000 networks, enterprises, clouds and SaaS platforms available on Platform Equinix via low-latency, private interconnection.

“Our vision at Equinix is to empower digital leaders with a trusted platform that brings together and interconnects the foundational infrastructure that powers their success,” commented Zac Smith, Managing Director at Equinix Metal.

“By expanding Equinix Metal globally, adding key networking capabilities and collaborating with leading hardware and software vendors to offer as a Service solutions, we’re helping customers, partners and the ecosystem at large create their digital advantage faster,” he added.

Jack Hogan, Vice President of Technology Strategy at Pure Storage, commented that: “By partnering with Equinix Metal, we are able to deliver an embedded, joint, global, on-demand Bare Metal as a Service solution that provides a seamless experience that combines best-in-class storage, compute and low-latency connectivity to clouds, enterprises and other ecosystems.”

Equinix Metal was unveiled October last year after the company’s acquisition of bare metal cloud provider, Packet, in March 2020.

Equinix plans to develop a $91 million DC in Sydney

Equinix plans to develop a $91 million data centre in central Sydney.

The New York-listed company has submitted its plans, which include a facility, to be built across a 26,000 sq m site at 506 Gardeners Road in Alexandria. This was submitted to the Council earlier this week, the company said.

Equinix plans to provide up to 15,500 sq. metre of new rack space and offices in a new stand alone facility that will link directly with the first stage of its 9,220 cabinet SY5 centre and its existing SY4 centre on Bourke Street.

It will also benefit from direct fibre connect capability between its neighbouring IBX data centres SY1, SY2 and SY3. It will also connect with a new data centre, the SY6 IBX, in Silverwater, Western Sydney.

The new facility will give its users secure connections to more than 1,800 participants across all regions around the world, linking them to major cloud providers such as Alibaba, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, SAP Cloud, Oracle, and SoftLayer.

With this Equinix’s national footprint will go up to 19 data centres across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Globally, Equinix comprises more than 200 data centres across 26 countries, providing data centre and related services for 10,000 businesses, which includes more than 50 per cent of the Fortune 500 companies.

Perth has been highlighted by Equinix as a strategic location due its proximity to two 4,600 kilometre submarine cables linking to Singapore—the Australia Singapore Cable and Indigo cable.

In Perth, Equinix recently announced plans to develop a $76 million data centre, the third such facility. That first phase of that facility, to be located adjacent to its existing PE2 centre, will offer an initial capacity of 650 cabinets and a collocation space of more than 1,830 sq. metre by the end of this year.

When fully built, the facility will offer 1650 cabinets and a collocation space of more than 10,600 square metres. A day back, ExtraHop, a cybersecurity firm that specialises in cloud-native network detection and response, opened data centre facilities in Sydney to enhance access to its native security platform, Reveal(x) 360. 


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Equinix rebrands Equinix Fabric, expands Network Edge capabilities

Equinix has announced the rebranding and upgrade of its two digital infrastructure services, Equinix Fabric and Network Edge, to respond to increasingly dynamic business needs.

Formerly Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric, the digital infrastructure interconnectivity platform is now rebranded as Equinix Fabric to more accurately reflect its current operations.

The platform now allows service providers to use it as a single interconnection approach to connect between all their physical and virtual devices located within Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers, which was previously not done before.

“No longer just about cloud connectivity, Equinix Fabric is now the new standard interconnection approach for digital leaders on Platform Equinix. The product name change we’ve made further signifies the pivotal shift in how the Equinix Fabric capabilities have Evolved,” said Bill Long, Senior Vice President of Core Product Management at Equinix.

This means that enterprises on Equinix Fabric can now directly connect with any other customer or to the world’s major cloud providers, including Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud available on Platform Equinix.

“With the pandemic accelerating the pace of digital transformation today, many enterprises are challenged with traditional infrastructure that was not built to meet the demands of a digital business world. Solving these challenges requires a new approach,” said Jennifer Cooke, Research Director, Cloud to Edge Data Center Trends at IDC.

“By deploying their digital infrastructure on Platform Equinix, many enterprises can quickly and easily achieve this today,” she added.

Physical devices located within Equinix data centers, as well as automated bare metal servers available with Equinix Metal, can also be connected with virtual devices like routers, firewalls and SD-WAN gateways available on Network Edge, thus bridging the distance between their distributed digital infrastructure.

Rakesh Inamdar, Senior Director of Core Infrastructure Services at Aon, pointed out that Aon was one of the many enterprises that benefited from Equinix’s upgrade.

With the pandemic creating a massive shift to remote work, Mr. Inamdar said that Equinix Fabric allowed their company to continue remotely without any reduction in services.

By harnessing the power of the Equinix platform, we were able to bring together and connect our core infrastructure globally, in a highly secure and cost-effective manner,” he continued.

Network Edge expands ecosystem services

Additionally, Network Edge, Equinix’s virtual network function (VNF) services ecosystem, has now made the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect virtual SD-WAN appliance available on their platform.

This means that Network Edge now has a full suite of vendor-neutral SD-WAN services, and companies are now able to deploy VNFs in real-time from multiple vendors, including Cisco, CloudGenix, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks, and VMware.

“As enterprises advance digital transformation initiatives, a cloud-first WAN architecture is essential to an organization’s overall digital infrastructure and long-term success,” said Fraser Street, the Vice President of Technical Alliances at Silver Peak, which was recently acquired by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

Equinix’s Network Edge was adopted on Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect virtual SD-WAN appliances to enable enterprises to scale globally by virtually deploying a secure, digital-ready infrastructure at the edge.

With Equinix Fabric integration, Network Edge customers can also interconnect their virtual edge devices with cloud and network providers located in distributed global markets, extending their reach to up to thousands of new business partners around the world.

Equinix Fabric will enable customers to gain access to network service providers like AT&T, BT, Cloudflare, Colt Technology Services, HKBN and Verizon Business.

“This year has proven what we have long known, which is on-demand networking coupled with a technological ecosystem of like-minded providers is key to powering enterprises’ rapid transformations. By extending our collaboration with Equinix, together we’re giving enterprises greater agility and control over their most critical asset in today’s business landscape – their network,” said Peter Coppens, the Vice President Product Portfolio at Colt Technology Services.

Network Edge is currently available in Singapore and Sydney, and In 2021, Equinix expects to have Network Edge available in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

By Jie Yee Ong, Tech Reporter

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Equinix to open fifth data center in Singapore

Global data center giant Equinix has announced that it will open a fifth data center in Singapore. 

Named SG5, the International Business Exchange (IBX) data center will cost $144 million in its first phase, providing a capacity of 1,300 cabinets in 18,400 square feet of colocation space. Upon completion in the first half of 2021, it will have up to 5,000 cabinets in a 129,000 square feet space.

“As the global economy and the Asia Pacific region continue to grow, we see a strong demand for digital infrastructure to support business growth. This is especially evident in Singapore, which is proving to be a key hub for digital business in the region,” said Jeremy Deutsch, President of Equinix Asia-Pacific.

The new facility in the Tanjong Kling data center park is expected to  meet growing demand for cloud connectivity for enterprises as they transform digitally.

“The SG5 IBX data center aims to create more opportunities for enterprises in the region to build a strong digital foundation, enabling them to develop into the digital leaders of tomorrow,” Mr. Deutsch added.

Singapore’s tech ambition

Equinix’s expansion in Singapore is timely, and in line with the government’s grand plan to steer the country towards greater digitalisation. In November, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong introduced a special tech pass to attract tech professionals from around the world to Singapore.

SG5 is aligned with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, and will be directly connected to Equinix’s four existing data centers via low-latency dark fiber links to connect more than 705 companies in the market.

“Singapore continues to thrive as a regional digital hub despite current pandemic and economic challenges. We are catering to the needs and demands of our customers by expanding our local footprint to enable regional and global growth as Singapore continues its Smart Nation journey and enterprises pursue digital transformation,” said Yee May Leong, the Managing Director for Equinix South Asia.

Meeting Equinix’s long-term goal of using 100% clean and renewable energy, SG5 will be built as a green facility, adopting clean and efficient energy systems, including motion-activated LED lights, automated control and regulation of motors, and hot aisle containment and ceiling plenum infrastructure.

For its cooling system, SG5 will be using NEWater, high-grade recycled water by Singapore’s Public Utilities Board.

“Digital infrastructure is key to success and competitive advantage for enterprises in the next normal. IDC’s CEO research in early 2020 showed that the leading priority among CEOs in Asia-Pacific is building a digital IT infrastructure that supports resilient operations and pervasive experiences,” revealed Sandra Ng, Group Vice President of Practice Group at IDC Asia Pacific.

By 2023, cloud and IT services are expected to lead digital growth in the Asia Pacific region, reaching an anticipated 1,374 Tbps.

By Ong Jie Yee, Tech Reporter

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Equinix invests $55 million in Osaka data center

Data center giant Equinix has announced plans to invest $55 million on the construction of a data center in Osaka, Japan.

The data center is set to be the company’s third International Business Exchange (IBX) facility, named OS3.

Osaka’s rising digital and financial hub

Home to many innovative startups, Osaka is fast becoming Japan’s newest digital and financial center.

“With the rising adoption of digital transformation, together with the acceleration of advanced technology such as AI and IoT, we are expecting a strong growth of demand for digital infrastructure in Japan, despite the short-term economy slowdown amid COVID-19,” said Mimei Ito, Research Manager for IT Services at IDC Japan.

Osaka ranks just behind Tokyo in terms of concentration of businesses in the country, with many firms in the region involved in important sectors such as energy, financial services, medical services, and manufacturing.

The expansion of the Equinix data center in Osaka reflects a rapid increase in the deployment of digital workloads among enterprises and their customers in Japan’s second-largest metropolitan area, which is expected to accelerate further through enhanced interconnectivity of cloud ecosystems.

“As a large metropolitan area with many global and locally based enterprises, Osaka has emerged as a significant market. In the past years, we have seen rising demand for secure, high-performance, and low-latency connectivity in the Kansai area,” said Kuniko Ogawa, Managing Director of Equinix Japan.

OS3’s establishment is hoped to contribute greatly to the digital ecosystem in the region, offering close proximity to major internet and peering exchanges along with low latency connections to nearby major cities such as Kyoto and Kobe.

“With our planned OS3 IBX data center, backed by our global footprint and vast array of services offered on Platform Equinix, we are set to expand our ability to bring together and interconnect the infrastructure that businesses need to fast-track their digital advantage,” Ms. Ogawa continued.

Expanding connectivity

OS3 will integrate Equnix’s interconnectivity solution, Equinix Fabric, to allow businesses to connect between their own distributed infrastructure and any other company’s cloud infrastructure.

“The expansion of the Equinix data center in Osaka reflects a rapid increase in the deployment of digital workloads among enterprises and their customers in Japan’s second-largest metropolitan area. This is expected to accelerate further through enhanced interconnectivity of cloud ecosystems,” said Ms. Ito.

The first phase of the facility is expected to be approximately 33,000 square feet wide, providing over 900 cabinets of storage space. When completed, it will have up to 2,500 cabinets in a 89,340 square feet space.

Jeremy Deutsch, President of Equinix Asia-Pacific, commented: “Our expansion in Osaka marks another key milestone in our ongoing plans to deliver Platform Equinix to more businesses in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region. With our world-class infrastructure and solutions, we will continue to be the trusted partner of digital leaders by enabling them to seize the opportunity with agility, speed and confidence.”

Equinix’s two existing IBX data centers in Osaka currently host content for over 130 companies in a 64,500 square feet colocation space.

Earlier this year, Equinix announced a US$1 billion joint venture with GIC to develop and operate hyperscale data centers in Japan. The three initial facilities, one in Osaka and two in Tokyo, will serve the unique core workload deployment needs of a targeted group of hyperscale companies, including the world’s largest cloud service providers.

By Jie Yee Ong, Tech Reporter

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Equinix suffers ransomware attack, data centers fully operational

Equinix is investigating a security incident involving ransomware, the world’s largest data center and colocation provider said in a statement on Wednesday 9 September.

Their teams took immediate action to address the cyberattack by contacting law enforcement.

“Our data centers and service offerings, including managed services, remain fully operational, and the incident has not affected our ability to support our customers,” said Equinix.

As most of their customers operate their own equipment within Equinix data centers, this attack is said to have had no impact on equipment or data.

“The security of the data in our systems is always a top priority and we intend to take all necessary actions, as appropriate, based on the results of our investigation,” the statement reported.

Equinix has promised to provide any more updates as it becomes available.

Earlier this month, cybersecurity specialists Trend Micro revealed your on-premise and cloud servers could be compromised by criminals using cryptocurrency mining software.

And while your servers are sitting idle, criminals may be monetising your assets whilst plotting larger money-making schemes like extracting valuable data, selling server access for further abuse or preparing dangerous ransomware attacks.

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Former Equinix and Facebook staff at Digital Edge partner with Stonepeak to commit $1bn for a new diversified data center platform in Asia Pacific

Digital Edge and Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners have committed US$1 billion to form a new diversified, independent data center platform.

Digital Edge is a group of seasoned senior executives formerly with Equinix, Facebook, Tata Communications and Macquarie who will focus on acquiring and developing carrier-neutral data centers across Asia Pacific.

“We are very excited to partner with Stonepeak and to have completed the initial capacity acquisitions to fulfill our vision of bridging the digital divide in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Samuel Lee, the CEO of Digital Edge who previously served as President of Equinix’s Asia Pacific business from 2005 to 2019.

Headquartered in Singapore, Digital Edge announced the closing of two initial investments in Japan-based data centers, a key market for the new data center company.

“The transactions in Tokyo and Osaka give the platform a dual footprint offering to customers in Japan’s two primary data center markets,” added Mr. Lee.

The potentially disruptive data center company aims to deliver innovative data center and interconnect solutions in order to make customer deployments easy in complex, evolving environments.

Digital Edge will develop a 12 MW facility in central Osaka in partnership with Keihanshin Building Co. and Kanden Energy Solution Co., Inc. The data center in Tokyo is a strategic partnership with ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, which will begin with their Mejirozaka Data Center.

“The Asia Pacific digital infrastructure market is among the fastest growing in the world, with demand continuing to outpace supply,” said Brian McMullen, the Senior Managing Director at Stonepeak, an infrastructure-focused private equity firm.

Stonepeak is the majority owner of Cologix, a leading carrier-neutral data center platform in North America, which recently announced the acquisition of vXchnge’s 16,000 square foot data center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Stonepeak has also established a presence in Asia Pacific over the past three years with investments across multiple sectors, including this one with Digital Edge.

“We are delighted to partner with Samuel and his team, who bring unparalleled experience and an exceptional track record of development, and are investing in Digital Edge to help us achieve our shared vision for the region,” added Mr. McMullen.

Samuel Lee is also joined at Digital Edge by a long list of senior executives and key data center players, including his prior senior team at Equinix:

  • Kei Furuta, former Managing Director for North Asia at Equinix
  • Andrew Rigoli, former VP of Corporate Development and Strategy and Interim General Manager for Singapore and Southeast Asia at Equinix
  • Jonathan Chou, former VP of Corporate Development for Asia Pacific at Equinix
  • Jay Park, former vice president of data center design engineering at Facebook 
  • John Freeman, former Chief Legal and Compliance Officer at Tata Communications
  • Jonathan Walbridge, former Managing Director of Macquarie

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Image credit: Digital Edge

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Interconnectivity in data centers has accelerated, as the need for connected devices and digital transformation is rapidly rising.

For a region like Asia Pacific that is rapidly going digital, data center providers are working hard to design connected platforms that enable global teams to collaborate with less downtime and latency.

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Equinix buys Mapletree Industrial’s Singapore data center for $91.2m

Equinix Singapore has agreed to buy Mapletree Industrial Trust’s Singapore data center for US$91.2 million (S$125 million).

Equinix Singapore gave notice to Mapletree that they wish to purchase the SG3 data center, for which they had been a fully leased tenant of since 2015.

The seven-storey data center was the only facility in Mapletree’s portfolio that provided Equinix with the option to purchase the data center.

The US$91.2 million sale price was valued by Savills Valuation and Professional Services on March 31 2020, taking into account a 23.3% premium over the development cost of US$74 million (S$101.4 million).

Mapletree announced in a Singapore Exchange filing on Friday that the data center brought in approximately 2.2% of the real estate investment trust’s gross revenue for the year ending March 31 2020.

The deal between Equinix Singapore and Mapletree is expected to be paid in cash by the fourth quarter of 2020, subject to the approval of JTC Corporation, the government agency responsible for industrial development.

Proceeds from the sale will be used to fund other Mapletree investments, reduce any existing debt or make distributions to unit holders.

The SG3 data center located at 26A Ayer Rajah Crescent, near Queenstown in Singapore, is Equinix’s largest data center in Asia Pacific, spanning 35,000 square metres and containing a 5,000 rack capacity.

Mapletree began constructing the data center in 2013 within the one-north business park, close to Equinix’s SG1 data center, enabling dark fibre interconnection.

The deal to purchase SG3 follows Equinix’s US$161 million expansion plan into India with their acquisition of two GPX data centers as well as a US$51m investment to support digital transformation in Hong Kong.

The global interconnection and data center company also announced a US$1 billion joint venture with Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, GIC, to build three hyperscale data centers in Japan.

Uncover the importance of interconnectivity with W.Media

Interconnectivity in data centers has accelerated, as the need for connected devices and digital transformation is rapidly rising.

For a region like Asia Pacific that is rapidly going digital, data center providers are working hard to design connected platforms that enable global teams to collaborate with less downtime and latency.

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Equinix expands into India with $161m acquisition of GPX data centers

Equinix has announced its expansion into India with a US$161 million acquisition of GPX Global Systems’ two data centers in Mumbai.

The global interconnection and data center company will provide its enterprises with access to a network-dense data center campus and services from more than 200 cloud and internet service providers like AWS, Google and Oracle.

“The acquisition of GPX’s business in India means we are able to make a giant leap forward in terms of growing our ecosystem in India, and gives us a solid foundation for rapid growth and expansion in the country,” said Charles Meyers, the President and CEO of Equinix.

The campus in Mumbai will add more than 90,000 square feet of colocation space and currently has 1,350 cabinets, with an additional 500 cabinets to be added at full buildout.

Comprising the campus, firstly GPX Mumbai1 is India’s first Uptime Institute Tier IV designed facility spanning 30,000 square feet. Secondly, Mumbai2 is also Tier IV certified and will be 60,000 square feet in size when completed.

“After seven years of building our business in India I could not think of any company better suited than Equinix to expand the platform GPX has created in India and help our customers continue to grow,” said Nick Tanzi, the President and CEO of GPX Global Systems.

Mumbai is strategically located and includes international connectivity serviced by nearby subsea cables.

“As major cloud players establish themselves in the market, this move will provide enterprises with the infrastructure they need to embrace rapidly growing trends such as hybrid multicloud and digitisation,” said Jeremy Deutsch, the President of Equinix Asia-Pacific.

The long-awaited entry into India by Equinix comes at a time when the country’s data center market is expected to reach a value of US$3.2 billion by 2024 and digital communication services are projected to double in size by 2025, contributing US$355-435 billion to India’s GDP.

“Our forecasts show that the country will become the seventh largest data center market in the world in 2021,” said John Dinsdale, the Chief Analyst and Research Director of Synergy Research Group.

The cloud services market in India is also forecast to grow threefold to more than US$7.1 billion by 2022.

Data centers like those acquired by Equinix are set to help local enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journeys with high-quality infrastructure and services closer to the edge.

Manoj Paul, the Managing Director for carrier-neutral data center provider GPX Global Systems, said: “The appetite from global companies for expansion into India is matched by local interest in expanding overseas.”

The deal between Equinix and GPX is predicted to close in the first quarter of 2021 following regulatory approval.

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Equinix invests US$51m in Hong Kong to support digital transformation demand

Equinix revealed it will invest US$51 million to expand their footprint in Hong Kong and support the growing demand for digital transformation by businesses.

“With more and more companies embracing digital transformation, we have seen demand for interconnection continue to grow,” said Larry Tam, the Managing Director for Equinix Hong Kong.

The acceleration of digital transformation brought by the pandemic as well as the advent of Industry 4.0 technologies like 5G are driving the demand for data centers and interconnection in Hong Kong.

Equinix’s Global Interconnection Index Volume 3 recently revealed that Hong Kong is expected to see the second fastest interconnection bandwidth growth in the region, increasing at 55% CAGR from 2018 to 2022.

A separate survey showed 46% decision-makers in Hong Kong believe interconnection is a key facilitator of digital transformation, with 45% believing interconnection can help their business gain a competitive advantage. 

The global interconnection and data center company also announced the completed third phase expansion of HK4, one of Equinix’s five International Business Exchange™ data centers in Hong Kong.

The expansion added 1,000 cabinets to the 500 currently stationed at the facility, with a further 3,000 expected to be added in future phases.

Equinix’s current colocation space totals approximately 34,500 square meters in Hong Kong, with the aim of supporting digital edge and business continuity strategies along with digital transformation of local and international enterprises.

Their US$51 million investment in Hong Kong follows a second US$1 billion joint venture with Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, GIC, to build hyperscale data centers in Japan.

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