The Philippines’ third telco DITO appoints Fortinet as cybersecurity provider

Philippines telecommunication company, DITO Telecommunity, announced it has chosen US cybersecurity firm Fortinet to serve as its primary provider.

DITO will leverage on the network security infrastructure provided by Fortinet to protect the data of its customers. 

The telco will utilise Fortinet Security Fabric, Fortinet’s flagship cyber intelligence platform that uses an array of cloud-based security solutions to allow businesses to better detect and manage cyberthreats.

Although the company delayed its plans to launch as the Philippines third telco due to COVID-19, DITO has been making strides to better equip itself for its debut in 2021.

Enhanced cybersecurity measures could add to DITO’s competitiveness in the Filipino telecommunications market and contribute to the industry’s expected growth

Headquartered in California, Fortinet offers cybersecurity solutions to large-scale enterprises and government organisations across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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The Philippines’ third telco DITO appoints Fortinet as cybersecurity provider


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Jie Yee Ong

Tech Reporter, W.Media

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