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The rise of Singapore in the Cloud Computing, and Datacenter sphere is remarkable, and startlingly impressive for a nation with limited space. Its position as a mature datacenter hub both lends it industry credibility, but at the same time motivates regional counterparts to emerge as market contenders. To that end, Indonesia, and Malaysia have emerged as the most formidable Cloud Computing and Datacenter competitors. Having led the industry in  APAC for over a decade, the market is pivoting towards efficiency and sustainability. Its reliable power grid, coupled with skilled personnel have proved to be overwhelmingly attractive against space scarcity concerns.

As new entrants establish their presence in Singapore, they have innovated to adapt to the unique features of the market landscape. The tight regulatory structure in Singapore is fueled in part by the design inefficiencies inherent to the architecture. But these restrictions have bread ingenuity, and Singapore’s seen a massive leap in sustainable design among key industry players. The magnified focus on Data Centers and sustainability underscores the government’s dedication to Cloud Computing. 

Singapore’s “Services 4.0 Plan”–detailed in IMDA’s digital services report 2018–is in full effect. With the nation’s characteristic flair for infrastructure roll-outs, Cloud Native Architecture remains the focal point of IMDA’s digital roadmap. The Financial Services Industry(FSI), Ecommerce, and Government’s technology stack are the key drivers of Cloud in the nation. The scalability benefits alone have proved enormously attractive and pushed these sectors into adopting Cloud service delivery models. 

Cybersecurity sits at the very heart of a well-designed Cloud Architecture, user confidence in the infrastructure remains crucial to the continued adoption. Fundamentally, the question of fortifying Cloud systems in order to fully gain industry and consumer confidence, and secure the growth of Cloud, will be debated. 

Join us at the Singapore Cloud & Datacenter Digital Summit as we bring the top 200 IT and data center professionals to hear from industry leaders and new entrants on what to expect from a hub market, the downstream opportunities to the edge markets, and the innovation of technology in the space of Cloud Computing, connectivity, cybersecurity and data centers.

Agenda - 26th November 2020

Time Slot
9.25AM Pre-Show Interview I
Host: W. Media
Interviewee: Annie An Dongmei, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
9.30AM Chairman’s Opening Address
Host: W. Media
9.35AM [Keynote] Navigating Singapore’s Data Protection Laws
Daryl Pereira, KPMG Singapore
9.50AM [Keynote] Tales from CSA Top Threats Egregious Eleven
Dr. Lee Hing Yan, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)
10.05AM [Keynote]The future of UPS power at hyper-scale:  A re-evaluation of technologies
In power terms, Hyperscale data centers are changing the game. UPS technology that is large scale, sustainable, efficient, reliable and saves energy is the only credible way to power the 500 hyperscale data centres expected to be built in this decade. This webinar explains why the previous perceptions of UPS Topology are no longer valid when evaluating the latest Technologies suitable for hyperscale or large data centre deployment, and will change how you think about power delivery and back up.
Palaniappan Muthuraman, Piller Power Singapore Pte. Ltd.
10.20AM [Keynote] Tech Giants in the Little Red Dot: Hyperscale Deployment in Singapore
Technology is redefining the new wave of growth in Emerging Asia and times of the pandemic. Digital services are becoming more widely adopted amongst consumers and businesses across e-Commerce, transport & food, media & content, financial services as well as health tech and edtech. From consumers’ changing preferences to governments’ pro-ICT agendas, these mega trends are reshaping business strategy by prompting enterprises to harness technology to empower their expansion agenda. Data centres are the keystone of any regional digital strategy and Singapore has the essential infrastructure and regulatory frameworks to support the surging digital growth locally and regionally. Find out from Clement’s presentation on what it means for businesses in Singapore.
Clement Goh, ST Telemedia Global Data Centres
10.35AM [Panel Discussion]  How Singapore Data Centers are meeting deployment speed and capacity challenges
Clement Goh, ST Telemedia Global Data Centres
Palaniappan Muthuraman, Piller Power Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Moderator: Atul Babu, PCCW Solutions Limited
11.00AM Mid-Show Break
11.05AM [Panel Discussion] Fintech Market Analysis: The Impact of Interconnectivity in Singapore
Joel Yarbrough, Rapyd
Varun Mittal, EY
Lee Khuan Yew, Fave
Moderator: Anndy Lian, Hyundai DAC Technology
11.30AM [Panel Discussion] Cloud Migration Challenges: Cutting Costs without Cutting Corners
How to reduce redundancy and increase efficiency in enterprise IT migration without breaking the bank
Barry Lewington, PTS Consulting
Anthony Hodge, Standard Chartered Group
Shashank Dixit, OVHcloud
Moderator: Sabarinathan Sampath, ZNet Technologies
11.55AM Chairman Closing Address

Qualified Audience
These events are open to any strategic or business person whose function interacts with the enterprise or service provider and that comprise the increasingly complex technology purchaser/decision-maker chain, to include:

  • C-level management: CEO, CIO, CTO, CFO, COO, CSO, CISO
  • Senior Executives: Heads of Datacenter & Cloud Operations, Head Procurement, Head of Cloud Function, Head of Datacenter Facilities, Head of Infrastructure 
  • End-users

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