Delta POD solution enables Vietnam’s first Uptime Tier III data center for Hanoi Telecom’s HTC-ITC

Delta Electronics has successfully implemented their energy saving Point of Delivery solution to enable Vietnam’s first Uptime TCCF Tier III-certified data center.

The data center is owned and operated by HTC-ITC, a subsidiary of Hanoi Telecom. It is located at the Hoa Lac High-Tech Zone, in Hanoi’s capital region, occupying 750 square meters of space.

The data center has an annual uptime of 99.98% and is expected to achieve a power use effectiveness value of 1.4.

“Being able to construct the country’s first Uptime TIER III-certified data center for HTC-ITC is truly an honor for Delta. Together with our partners and customers in the region, we are building the foundations of the 5G networks that will support substantial economic growth for years to come,” said Victor Cheng, Delta’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of its Information Communication Technology Infrastructure Business Group.

The new data center is located in the Hoa Lac High-Tech Zone, occupying 750 square meters with a total power capacity of 750kW plus 750kW redundant power protection, which is in line with Uptime’s TIER III 2N architecture specifications. In total, the facility can expand to 900 racks.

HTC-ITC passed 52 tests to obtain the TCCF certification, the first time ever for a data center in Vietnam.

Trinh Minh Chau, the Chairwoman of HTC-ITC, expressed delight at the collaboration with Delta.

Delta develops cutting-edge networking solutions for the next generation of data centers with Microsoft and COBO

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, has partnered with Microsoft and Consortium for On Board Optics (COBO) to launch a proof of concept open networking switch for the next generation of data center infrastructures.

The switch is said to provide leading transmission speeds and energy efficiency as we enter the nascent 5G era, offering up to 800 gigabytes per second of transmission speed, 12.8Tbps bandwidth capacity, and up to 30% energy savings compared to similar peer technologies.

Powering the future of data centers

As cloud adoption continues to rise, increasing the need for hyperscale and cloud data centers, these facilities will need the support of networking systems that provide faster transmission speeds and lower carbon footprints.

As a result, member-driven organisations like COBO are racing to develop solutions that meet essential data center requirements.

Microsoft’s Principal Network Architect and COBO’s President, Brad Booth, said: “Being capable of integrating COBO and other form factors into a single platform has been an integral contribution to this POC project to enable end users to perform hands-on evaluation and testing.”

The open networking switch integrates five different optical module form factors into a single, compact 4U rack. The system also includes two 400G QSFP-DD, two 400G OSFP and sixty-four 100G QSFP ports as well as Intel’s 8-core 2.0 GHz D-1548 Broadwell high-performance chip, which sits at the core of Delta’s switch.

“We look forward to cooperating with Microsoft and COBO to accelerate the growth of the 5G mega trend with this inventive technology,” said Victor Cheng, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Information & Communications Technology Business Group at Delta.

On top of being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Azure Cloud Solution Provider, Delta launched a 5G smart manufacturing solution with the tech giant in June.

Earlier this year, Delta also celebrated receiving an Uptime Institute’s TIER III-Ready certification for their Point of Delivery data center solution, which recognises its ability to deliver resilience and reliability for their data center.

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