Amazon and bp continue cloud partnership for renewable energy

Global oil and gas company bp have signed an agreement to continue its longstanding partnership with e-commerce giant Amazon and its cloud computing arm, AWS. 

As part of the agreement, bp will triple the renewable energy supplied to Amazon’s data centers in Europe, and AWS will continue to support bp’s digital transformation journey by modernisation via data migration to the cloud.

With bp, Amazon’s new wind projects in Sweden and Scotland will be supplied with 275 MW and 129 MW of wind power respectively.

“Amazon is helping bp with innovative digital technologies and, using our trading capabilities and scale, we will give Amazon the reliable and flexible renewable energy supplies they need to meet their ambition to decarbonise,” said William Lin, Executive Vice President for Regions, Cities & Solutions at bp.

Nat Sahlstrom, Director of Amazon Energy, commented that this extended partnership with bp will help Amazon towards their goal of reaching net-zero carbon emission by 2040, in line with the company’s commitment to The Climate Pledge.

“These new agreements with bp help us toward our goal of powering our operations with 100 percent renewable energy,” Mr. Sahlstom added.

AWS to help bp with digital transformation

On AWS’ end, the company will continue to help bp with its increasing digital transformation, including data migration to the cloud and the application of more cloud-native technologies.

Both companies will also be teaming up to deploy AI and machine learning technologies.

This will include using Talk2Me, an AI-based language processing system powered by Amazon’s Alexa; using Amazon’s business intelligence tool Amazon QuickSight; and migrating to the Amazon Aurora cloud database for bp trading, operational resiliency, and performance improvements.

bp and Amazon’s partnership is an extension of the success that both companies found from their collaboration in 2019, where bp supplied AWS with 170MW of renewable energy, and Amazon agreed to help bp migrate over 900 key applications.

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