BDx makes history with first data center in Nanjing to receive Uptime Tier III Certification

Big Data Exchange (BDx) has made history with their new data center in Nanjing, which is the first facility in the city to achieve the Uptime Institute Tier III Certification of Design Documents.

The data center being constructed in Nanjing, China received the highly sought after certification by proving the facility required no shutdowns for equipment replacement and maintenance.

“Ensuring that BDx meets, and even exceeds, the industry standards for our infrastructure is our top priority for all of our facilities, including our Nanjing data center,” said David Kim, the Chief Operating Officer for BDx.

The Nanjing data center known as NKG1 is powered by two separate 10 kilovolt feeders from two substations. The completion of this power source brings the BDx facility one step closer to launching.

“With 1,000 racks, the NKG1 facility is ideal for local organizations, Chinese OTTs and overseas companies looking to house their IT infrastructures in China,” said Sujit Panda, the Chief Technology Officer for BDx.

Upon the launch of the Nanjing data center, scheduled for October 2020, the facility will connect to the fully redundant command and control systems provided by the BDx Global Operating Platform. NKG1 is also strategically positioned to allow customers to interconnect across BDx clusters as well as public clouds and third-party data centers.

“The data center is strategically positioned along the newly defined Yangtze River Delta, one of the nation’s biggest inland ports, making it an ideal location for national and international businesses who want to grow their presence in China,” added Mr. Panda.

BDx announced the construction of their Nanjing data center back in February and would include 3,800 once fully completed.

“Its location and connectivity help BDx form a network hub designed to meet rising internet and cloud exchange demands from international and domestic customers,” said Bill Gao, the Executive Vice President and CEO for BDx China in February.

The Nanjing data center will add to the current eight data centers acquired by BDx in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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