NETS and Singtel partner to transform digital payments using AWS cloud

NETS has announced plans to transform digital payment experiences by partnering with Singtel and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As Singapore slowly opens up following the pandemic lockdown, allowing general travel to Brunei and New Zealand, the collaboration will enable Singaporeans to make purchases at more retail outlets whilst abroad in Asia Pacific using the Network for Electronic Transfers.

“NETS will be well-positioned to facilitate cross-border commerce by integrating ASEAN+ travel corridors whilst making payments simple and easy for consumers,” said Lawrence Chan, the CEO of NETS Group.

Foreign visitors in Singapore will also be able to make seamless payments using NETS’ merchants in the country using overseas e-wallets and services.

“The initiative will spur cross-border digital payment growth for overseas payments partners, particularly micro merchants, and help them leverage this to expand their market beyond domestic borders,” added Mr. Chan.

The Network for Electronic Transfers will leverage AWS’ cloud computing platform and Singtel’s ConnectPlus Managed Network to accelerate its expansion across Southeast Asia.

“Our ConnectPlus Managed Network will enable NETS to dynamically allocate enterprise resources across multiple locations, optimising network performance and operational efficiency to offer secure, swift and reliable cross-border financial transactions,” said Lim Seng Kong, the Managing Director for Singtel Enterprise Business and Group Enterprise at Singtel.

The cloud gateway service offered by Singtel will enable NETS to deploy and manage its virtual private clouds, while AWS cloud services are expected to provide NETS with quick and locatised connectivity for potential partners to access their cross-border payment services.

“We look forward to collaborating with NETS to innovate new services faster, maintain operational excellence, and provide secure and seamless payment services to customers around Southeast Asia,” said Conor McNamara, the Managing Director of ASEAN at AWS.

NETS will take advantage of AWS’ database, containers, serverless storage and security.

The collaboration between NETS, Singtel and AWS will look to tap into Southeast Asia’s unbanked population, which is forecast to be worth US$1 trillion by 2025. This population will need more access to digital financial services, as the region becomes more tech-savvy and more expectant of convenient and accessible digital services.

Image Credit: Yahoo News Singapore

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NETS and Singtel partner to transform digital payments using AWS cloud


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Toyota and Amazon Web Services partner to build cloud-based mobility services

Toyota and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced they are expanding their global collaboration to build a cloud-based platform.

Japan’s automotive manufacturer and Amazon’s cloud computing unit will develop Toyota’s Toyota’s Mobility Services Platform (MSPF) for the next generation of data-driven mobility services in their cloud-connected vehicles.

“Connectivity drives all of the processes of development, production, sales and service in the automotive business,” said Shigeki Tomoyama, the Chief Information and Security Officer as well as Chief Production Officer at Toyota Motor Corporation.

The collaboration with AWS will extend to Toyota’s entire enterprise, building a foundation for streamlined, secure data sharing and accelerate its move to Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric (CASE) mobility technologies.

“Expanding our agreement with AWS to strengthen our vehicle data platform will be a major advantage for CASE activities within Toyota,” added Mr. Tomoyama.

The new platform will enable Toyota to collect data from connected vehicles to influence design and development as well as new services like behavior-based insurance, maintenance notifications, and ride or car sharing.

“Toyota is able to innovate quickly across its enterprise and continue to lead the automotive industry in delivering the quality of experiences that customers expect,” said Andy Jassy, the CEO of AWS.

The deal by AWS marks the e-commerce giant’s newest move into the transportation industry following last month’s partnership announcement with Volkswagen to build cloud platforms where business customers can buy and sell industrial applications.

AWS is also partnered up with automotive suppliers and providers like Aptiv, Panasonic Corp. Nvidia Corp., Uber and Avis.

Explore how edge data centers are driving future innovations

The advent of Industry 4.0 technologies like artificial intelligence, 5G and the Internet of Things is bringing increasing the number of connected devices and new innovations in autonomous vehicles, virtual and augmented reality in retail and entertainment, and robotics for manufacturing and healthcare.

But to enable lower latency for vastly more connected devices, edge data centers are needed to bring IT resources closer to the user.

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AWS expands Asia presence, making Outposts available in India, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand

Amazon Web Services has expanded its presence in Asia by launching AWS Outposts in India, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand, enabling businesses to gain greater native access to AWS services.

Customers can use the Outposts to help them with large projects requiring low latency access to on-premises systems as well as local data processing and storage.

“With AWS Outposts, our customers can benefit from the accelerated pace of innovation in the cloud, while securely storing and processing sensitive data on-premises,” said Conor McNamara, the Managing Director of ASEAN at AWS.

The Outposts enable businesses to work with the AWS Partner Network, assisting application migration to AWS.

“As AWS Outposts is fully managed by AWS, our customers can also focus on their end users, and driving innovation that differentiates their businesses, while leaving the responsibility of managing the infrastructure to us,” added Mr. McNamara.

Empowering hybrid cloud solutions

A number of businesses have celebrated the launch of AWS Outposts in Asia, which empower hybrid cloud solutions and transform customer user experience.

Our customers will benefit from AWS’s rapid pace of innovation in cloud infrastructure services while being able to store and process data on-premises,” said Mr. Ahmad Taufek Omar, the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of TM ONE.

The enterprise and public sector business solutions arm of Telecommunications Company Telekom Malaysia Berhad found AWS Outposts to be an important part of TM ONE Cloud Alpha’s hybrid cloud strategy.

“It will help us in our mission to enable the Malaysian public sector and enterprises to be more agile, while delivering better and more comprehensive services to end customers. This is in line with TM Group’s commitment in enabling Digital Malaysia,” said Mr. Omar.

Outposts enable customers to run services like Elastic Compute Cloud, which allows users to reduce demand on physical servers by running virtual servers as if they were in the cloud.

“Incorporating hybrid cloud will address the need for data residency and edge computing, all accessed through our leading next generation converged network. Our goal is to accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformation journeys for businesses,” said Claire Featherstone, the Head of Maxis Technology Practices and Maxis Cloud Centre of Excellence, a leading Malaysia-based communications provider.

AWS Outposts are replicas of hardware infrastructure, services and API that run in Amazon data centers. With the availability of Outposts, customers can connect to the nearest AWS Regions in Asia, including Singapore.

InfoFabrica, a Singapore-based IT hybrid cloud consulting and managed services company, welcomed the announcement.

“Many of our enterprise customers look for hybrid cloud solutions that will allow them to move workloads and data seamlessly between on-premises assets and the AWS cloud,” said Mr. Li Wen Chi, Managing Director of InfoFabrica Pte Ltd.

The general availability in India, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand follows the launch of AWS Outposts in Singapore and Indonesia earlier this year.

Image credit: Amazon Web Services

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