X86 Network Sdn Bhd was formed by a team of experienced professional in IT Network Service industry and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since incorporated in 2014, the company’s dedicated professionals have succeeded in operating a global network service with current presence to over 100 Data Centres across the globe and implemented innovative network deployment, technology and IT solutions for some of the well-known global telco corporation, MNC, and government agencies in Malaysia.

In X86 Network, we believe that modern IT, Network and Telecommunication industry sector becoming complex and need collaboration among other technology. Our teams already have been certified by some technology leader such as CISCO, JUNIPER, Microsoft among others recognize IT technical certification body.

The team has vast experience being involve in many projects mainly on Network infrastructure, IT infrastructure and IT consultancy.

X86 Network Sdn Bhd distinguished itself from its competitor by offering end-to-end infrastructure solutions to meet the present and future needs of its customers.

Our focus are:

  • low latency and full resilience services
  • flexible contractual arrangements
  • customised network designs
  • precise pre/post sales support

Providing dynamic options that suit your purposes

With a ceaseless commitment to providing network capacities that offer low latencies, X86 NETWORK provide the following suite of services to help our customer to pick the best solution suited for their business:

  • Virtual PoP
    • Our virtual Point of Presence (PoP) service provides a cost-effective and scalable Layer 2 network service via our global network.
  • Carrier Ethernet
    • Our Carrier Ethernet network spans an extensive coverage of over 100 Data Centres; providing our customers with reliable international connectivity at major cities across the globe. Each Data Centres where our key PoPs are located are carefully selected to ensure maximum uptime and the network is built with east and west routes to ensure there is always a working path
  • Internet Services
  • When it comes to internet connectivity, our IP Transit provides a cost effective and reliable solution that keeps you linked up to the Internet at high speeds and low latencies. With the support of a high-performance and dynamic global backbone, we utilise hi-speed backbone capacity (ASE, APCN2, Hibernia-Atlantic, SJC, SMW4, TGN-IA, Unity) to get our customers connected up to over 3,200 peered Internet Service Providers across 32 Internet Exchanges (IXs)
  • IX Extend
    • We establish Layer 2 connectivity for customers who require connection to remote Internet Exchanges (IX) through an efficient and cost-effective method, eliminating the need for our customers to set up additional infrastructure for your business.
  • Network Outsourcing
    • We cover the designing and building of our customers network from scratch, giving them the most extensive tailored solutions and infrastructure that suits the nature of your business.

Experience excellence as we connect you to the world!