Thai Animation and Computer graphics Association (TACGA)

Established in the year 2006, TACGA (Thai Animation & Computer Graphics Association) is a trade association that has been participated with animation studios and computer graphic studios in Thailand. These companies come from various business segments such as, Animation TV series, Visual Effect for Commercial Services, Game and Software Development, Character Design and Merchandise, Educational Organization.

TACGA provides all the members, from public and private sectors, with knowledge based facilities and many benefit – related activities. There are about 100 members participate with TACGA these day, 50 members from corporate entities, 20 members from public and private sectors and about 30 members from the educational organizations that contain a digital-related programs.

TACGA Mission
• To develop the standard of animation human resources and organization
• To develop animation products and content up to the international standard
• To collaborate with international partners and develop a marketing network for co-production, joint venture, and knowledge transfer for the Thai animation industry
• To promote the strength and capability of Thai animation entrepreneurs in the international market arena

TACGA Focus Point
• Long-Form Animation : TV Series, Animated Feature Film
• Short-Form Animation : Advertising, Commercial
• Visual Effect (VFX)
• Character Development
• Merchandising
• New Media

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