TelcoHubeXchange X1 is a Data Centre provider with State-Of-The-Art facilities situated in Cyberjaya (Malaysia First Cybercity). Purpose Built and designed as a Carrier Neutral data centre facility, X1 has over 50 Mixtures of Global ISPs, Carriers, Fiber Providers and OTTs, to boost Interconnectivity and provide Redundancy and Flexibility to our users and customers.

In X1, it brings competitive edge by Improving Connectivity through Interconnect with service providers within the our Dynamic Ecosystem, ensuring we Deliver Quality Network Experience at the best value for our customers.

Our Mission: To Create A Resilient Interconnectivity Among Domestic and International Providers, With The Aim Of Facilitating Our Clients to Achieve Desired Business Objectives and Outcomes.

Our Vision: To Bring An Optimal Network Exchanging Platform To The ICT Community Through Our Experienced Industry Experts.