PIKOM, THE NATIONAL TECH ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA, is the association representing the technology (TECH) industry in Malaysia. Its membership currently stands at more than 1,000 active companies involved in a whole spectrum of TECH products and services which command 80% of the total TECH business in Malaysia. The 5 Chapters under PIKOM cover OM, CIO, Cybersecurity; ECommerce: Venture Investment. These chapters help improve and drive the business climate for all member companies, together with promoting industry growth in line with different national
aspirations, along the following approaches:

As the Voice of the Tech Industry, PIKOM embraces the task of growing the size and
capabilities of the TECH industry in Malaysia by creating opportunities for its members as
well as all Malaysians to capture the benefits offered by advances in TECH by focusing on
the following:

• Spearhead, promote & encourage development of resources, professional skills and
programmes in Malaysia’s TECH industry.
• Represent the local TECH industry to the Government and private sector both local
and overseas.
• Provide a platform for TECH players and users to meet, network, learn and share
ideas in order to grow the industry and improved applications.
• Foster high standards of conduct, service and performance throughout the TECH
• Promote and market local TECH services to the region and overseas.