Insyghts Security is a full-service cybersecurity provider. Providing cybersecurity consultancy, solutions and managed security operation service.  Cybercriminal are innovating faster and targeting more businesses, ready to exploit any vulnerability or lapse in processes. Adopting comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that direct businesses to better cybersecurity is therefore important. 

The answer to better cybersecurity is not always about buying the newest solution vendors offer. A systematic approach to cybersecurity strategy and leadership, a proper risk and threat management, and a system that keeps up with cybersecurity in an ever-changing security landscape, and suitable technology that address specific controls forms the best practice of cybersecurity.

Our services cover the end-to-end risk and threat management, starting with the proper governance, understanding of risk and vulnerability of the existing policies, systems and process, to provide visibility into businesses threat incidents and events. Adopting a best practice security architecture design and solution that provide optimal protection, and service to manage detection and response to any incident or breach. Finally, a team that constantly monitor and managed ongoing cybersecurity threats. 

We work with strategic partners and their solution to provide solution that address zero trust computing environment and maintenance of cybersecurity hygiene.

Cyber Observer is a holistic cybersecurity management and awareness solution. It continuously measures the cybersecurity status of an organization’s security environment by retrieving and analyzing Critical Security Controls (CSCs) from relevant security tools. The comprehensive information empowers CISOs and executives to make insightful and timely decisions to ensure the cybersecurity of the organization.

Developed for CISOs, Infosec and IT managers, Cyber Observer provides extensive cybersecurity understanding for all stakeholders. By connecting to the security and related third-party vendor tool suite, Cyber Observer provides insights and recommendations to empower effective enterprise cyber defense.

Empowered with comprehensive awareness, you can easily identify weaknesses, reduce mean-time to detect, prevent breaches, drive strategic planning and report to executive stakeholders. These activities continually improve enterprise security posture and maturity.