PT NAP Info Lintas Nusa (NAP Info) is a prominent telecommunication company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We provide highly reliable internet services, data center, and cloud computing, as we are always committed to delivering world-class communication solutions to our ever-growing lines of clientele.

A pioneer in its field, NAP Info was the first neutral and independent network access provider to operate in Indonesia. We also conjointly own and operate sub-sea fiber optic infrastructures with Singapore-based Matrix Networks Pte. Ltd., and initiated our very own internet exchange that has become one of the largest internet exchanges of the country.

INI Cloud is a Private Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using the latest hyper-converged technology that enables us to create a smarter data center that enables elastic, flexible, multi-tenant cloud environment to increase better resource utilization. It’s a system that transforms orchestration of resource to fulfill the needs of digitalization of industries that requires better computing, data, and networking resource, using software that defines not only the hardware but also the operating system, workload execution, and even application.