As the world, first consultancy leader and guardian angel for IoT (Intelligence of Things). Enmett is already implementing and developing solutions for IoT (Intelligence of Things), while the industry is still thinking of IoT (Internet of Things). Enmett Holding is committed to adhering to the highest international standard, ensuring both her customers and stakeholders will be continuously and confidently protected.

In the color of cybersecurity, RED symbolizes attackers, BLUE symbolizes defenders, and YELLOW represents builders. GREEN is made up of BLUE and YELLOW, and there is the field Enmett fights in.

Yellow Builds it. Red Breaks it. Blue Defends it. Green Fixes it.

Always bearing the power of the green team (fixer), Enmett stays ahead in the industry by enhancing security automation for detection, incident response and data forensics. And the companies adhere highly to their ethics canons: integrity, honorably, honestly, diligent and competent.

Be it building from the stretch for newly setup or developing from existing infrastructure, Enmett will be the fixer for all.