BizFly Cloud is a part of VCCorp Jsc., the leading company in the field of Communications and Internet in Vietnam.

BizFly Cloud, previously the Platform Department, used to be responsible for researching, developing and applying the latest advanced technologies for the purpose of planning, building and managing the entire technology infrastructure of VCCorp.

With the mission of continuous development to ensure the system more flexible, stable and highly-secured, BizFly Cloud focuses on research activities and constant ongoing training to create a team of excellent experts and technicians.

In addition, we always strive to test and apply the most outstanding technologies to meet our customers’ increasing demands for service quality.

Currently, BizFly Cloud introduces 06 services to help companies operate massive but money-saving infrastructure, including:

– BizFly Cloud Server:  A virtual server deployed on OpenStack platform

– BizFly CDN: To support website acceleration, optimization and protection.

– BizFly Load Balancer: To increase the stability of the system, minimize incidents and monitor easily

– BizFly Pre-built Application: To simplify application installation on Cloud Server with just one click

– BizFly Business Email: A account-unlimited business email service

– BizFly Simple Storage: A cloud storage system with preferential policies for Vietnamese businesses.

The above services are researched and operated by a team of specialists in deploying large-scale websites in Vietnam such as Dan Tri, VTV, Kenh 14, GenK, Sohagame, …